Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Has Bush Done To The Iraqi People

First, even though we are coming to the end of this terrible administration, some of what is posted on this site could be considered anti American and potentially dangerous by this administration. Suppression, by wiretapping practices, was what this administration tried to accomplish, so finding reasons for digging into your background would be open for interpretation. From what I scene of Republicans and this administration, they are masters at rationalizing what they did during the slaughter they called the war on terror.

Most would say this war was fueled by fear of Islamic terrorism. On closer inspection, our own actions caused this war to escalate to killing Americans, insurgents, and many innocent men, women and children. They call it "collateral damage." I call it a cool and deadly "insurgency loop" that will continue until America leaves Iraq.

To go before the Iraqi people and make an agreement to stay in their country for the next 10 years, Bush is exacting a form of mental and emotional torture on the Iraqi people. The journalist know this more then anyone in Iraq. They have covered many stories Bush forbid us from seeing, and American media censors would not challenge him. Despite censorship, enough information concerning our early practice of using smart ass bombs that not only hit their intended target but everything around it. So, when you kill an innocent's person child, you have created the next generation of insurgents hell bent on killing those responsible for this nasty act. The very name it self, "collateral damage," is offensive. The reference sounds as though you are destroying furniture or something non human.

We have been in this deadly pattern for almost six years, and our president will not acknowledge the damage he has done to the Iraqi people. He's lucky he got only a shoe thrown at him.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overlooked Reality

We as voters play along with a strange reality. First I ask: How long has Barack Obama been in the Senate? In all that time, has something as strong as wanted to take Israel off the map ever came up? Now here is the real irony: After know what we know about Obama, why would we let attack after attack, rent space in our heads?

It does not make any sense to have go through this dance of character assassination throughout the whole campaign. What is even more baffling is sometimes it works. Yes, John Kerry would be the first to tell you it worked. Yet,in a surreal fashion after the election, everything returned to prior status. Almost like we were playing a childs game to "throw a lick and make it stick," and when it was over, we went back to our seats and sat down.

Even now, John McCain is still playing the "make it stick game" and not having much luck with it. As a result, the McCain camp is flirting with the most hostile emotion of them all: Hatred. Yes, the number one displaced emotion is the most workable one used by politicians like the Republican brand running for office this year. Talk about shaking hands with the devil, the McCain and Palin team is all up in the devil's house.

So, taking a growing leap forward for the next election, lets check this shit at the very beginning of the campaign so we can deal with issues and how candidates will handle them. The Republicans can be made to be responsible for their statements as well as their actions. You should not be able to lie and rationalize you way out of the lie with the claim you are exercising your freedom of speech. It is time to grow-up and move pass this ugly practice.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ask Me If I Care

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran: Not. I could care less what Iran does right now. With all that this country has on its plate right now, why should we be worrying about Iran?

That this should come up right now speaks to denial about the financial crisis we are in. “We are not hurting so bad that we forgot about our problem country Iran.” Its like the United States insist they maintain this superior world police role. It is really silly to give the impression that no matter what we still reserve the right to kick Iran in the ass for not doing what we told them to do.

If I were the leader of Iran, I would be dancing in front of Bushes white house with a mock nuclear plant prop singing: “I got my power; you can’t stop me; I got my power, you can’t stop me.”

How far is Bush willing to take this country down dark roads? Do you think he would risk military strikes on Iran, so gasoline can go through the roof? With amazement, I wonder what have we allowed this man to do to our country. Will we sit by and let him raid our treasury as he walks out of the White House?

There is one more assignment Barack Obama should take on. He needs to stop any further abuse by this president as he walks out of the White House. Someone has got to step up to the plate and read and explain what stunts this president may be carrying out on the American people. Someone has got to look this bastard in the face and say: “I got your number; put that money back and go sit your ass down until it is time for you to go.”


Monday, September 29, 2008

Enough With This Republican Game

Crooks and Liars » Shorter House GOP: We killed the bailout bill because Pelosi hurt our feelings

I hope by now it has become obvious to the Democrats. This whole Bailout has been more about how bad the Democrats have govern congress then the need to save the country from financial disaster. These bastards are trying to win the congress back first and fix the economy second.

I know what the Republicans have said and what they have did are two different things. They have set the Democrats up to look like losers twice. On each occasion, they let the Democrats commit to “saying” they were sure they have enough votes to pass legislation only to pull out at the last moment. I would go as far as to say, the representatives who voted against this bill, hid behind a silent posture that went by the Democrats as support. However, the spin after the vote for the bill was anything but silent. The House Republicans attacked the with the conviction of a planed strategy.

Forget the Dum shit, the Democrats need to stop letting the Republican game on them. Although they failed on both occasions to put this in the Democrat’s court, it make no sense to keep playing their game. The Democrats need to drop their participation with the Republicans altogether, create their own bailout bill, and promote it as a critical need for the country. In this way, they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulder waiting for some bomb.

So far, I have seen nothing in the media suggesting this bailout has a ulterior purpose. I don’t expect to either. The media is conservative, and if anything, they will help to hide the fact that so far the only thing that has come out of the Republican effort to bailout our country is a attack on Democrats.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: Republicans Walk Out On Crisis Meetings

Crooks and Liars » As Predicted: Tucker Bounds tries to say that McCain is responsible for breaking the bailout stalemate

The clock is running out, we are few minutes from total disaster. As a special agent of economics, John McCain has been dispatched to Washington to resolve all issues hindering the emergency measures to save this country from disaster. So, what happens?

As soon as special agent McCain arrives at the meeting site, all eyes are on him. McCain sits besides his leader, along with other Republican Party members, and takes a picture. Soon after the picture session, the talks break down and the same picture taking Republicans walk out of the last minute meeting to avoid disaster.

If you are human, and of average intelligence, you are confused as hell. Special agent McCain was supposed to clean up any problems in the way of solving this crisis. So far, he was only been there to watch his Party walk out of the talks all together.

Will special agent McCain take his ass to the debate where he belongs? Hell no, he has got to make this work. So, somehow, someway, he as got to make the Democrats look bad, then, with the blessing of his commander and chief, he resume his primary assignment to be a candidate for president.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Delays A Whipping

Crooks and Liars » McCain suspends campaign, wants to delay Friday’s debate until bailout bill is passed

Oh, John McCain knew it was coming. He knew the “spin” could not cover him through what the public was going to see about his ability to make his case for being our next president.How long did they think winning the Surge was going to carry him?

Now, down in the polls, McCain will try and position himself to say “he” solved the economic crisis. He would do this even if Barack Obama is with him on delaying the butt whipping. Paulson may of been vague so McCain can came and “fill in the blank” with the solution and thus save the day. Actually, this was going to be a double. Next week this time, we would of been talking about the McCain/Palin butt whipping affect and rightly so.

It has not stopped the media from covering McCain’s decision to delay the debate. David Gregory, Chris Matthews and the CNN talking heads all tried to put a honorable face to this.

So what is next? Will McCain try and delay the election, after all we are in a “crisis?” This president has marched out of his hole to influence the election with a fabricated crisis. I know this: This county will aspect to elect and new president come Nov. 4. I am not down with this ploy.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Real Sarah Palin

You don't know a person until you see what they support. Meet Sarah Palin from the state of Alaska.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

US Investment In Terror And Deception

Crooks and Liars » Woodward on 60 Minutes: Military generals opposed surge

I have written about this very dynamic: The need for this administration to create a killing field in Iraq. There was no significant fighting Al Qaeda force in Iraq. The US was dealing with a civil war, and the only way they could quell the violence was to eliminate one of the civilian forces. This administration did two significant things to create their modern day killing field:

1. They launched a campaign to hype up Al Qaeda in Iraq. After making the claim that Al Qaeda only represented 2% of violence in the region, with the help of the media, they started attributing every shooting, kidnapping, and fire fight to America’s number one enemy: Those bad boys who brought down the two towers. At one point, I did not think we were talking about the same Al Qaeda. However, keep in mind, there are no pictures of battles coming out of Iraq because there were none. No pictures and no WWII like battles to show we were “winning this thing.”

2. I admit this is a week point, but I think Bob Woodward’s latest book eludes to it. There was some sort of special force killing campaign that scared the shit out of the insurgent leaders. This special project, along with the stop of our smart ass bomb killings that did everything they were made for and more stopped the violence in Iraq. They had to stop using the smart bomb technology because it not only hit their targets but everything around it. When American technology started killing innocent men, women and babies, they never reported this side affect concerning their smart ass weapons. I know if you kill my child, I am your next enemy, along with my brother, sister, father and dog.

The only way we will come close to learning about the facts concerning what we did to stop the violence in Iraq is to elect Barack Obama. The facts will stay hidden otherwise. John McCain might even celebrate with more killings. I can’t bare to contemplate that reality.


Monday, September 08, 2008

The Narrative Flood

Crooks and Liars » Barack Obama: “They Must Think You’re Stupid”

I have noted this once before, but it might work if I note it three times: The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative. Since the success of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN have all leaned to the right when delivering the news. This affects what polls they reference, who they bring on their shows, and, most of all, what they try to pass off as fact. Since the Republican convention, there has been a strong narrative John McCain, with the help of Super Palin, has caught up to and pass Barack Obama.

Maybe I am blind, but I don’t see how in the hell the Republican convention was more exciting then the Democratic convention. At best, I could barely stay awake to watch the dull list of speakers coming out of their convention. As a black person, I could not find anyone in the convention my color so it was very hard to get a “fit in” feeling. However, when you have three major news agencies running a conservative narrative Sarah Palin has galvanized their Party, it is easy to get the impression Obama is loosing ground.

The Palin Affect

Sarah Palin is one step away from total collapse of her political career. This lady has made it known she plans to have little to do with the press. If you take into account all that is being said about her, you would not go before a camera either. Maybe all the things they say are not true, but I willing to bet a lot of it is. Today, they were talking about her religious believe to speak in tongs.

The Palin Affect is media created, media supported and very overstated. Most everyone I talk to think this lady is a joke. The women think about her 4 month old Down Syndrome child at home being taken care of by a nanny or their oldest daughter. That scenario does not advance a positive picture of a devoted Mother because she is on the trail bashing Obama. I ask: where would you be with a four month old baby? Man or women. And speaking of her oldest daughter, I get an image of a true “shotgun” wedding. The would be husband looks like a baby. Forget about running for VP; get your house in order. That is the theme Obama should be using when the Palin question is asked.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Surge: A Long Campaign Of Lies

Crooks and Liars » Surge success “beyond our wildest dreams?”

Time has not served this issue well. What has been forgotten plays a important part in this issue. There was a pre Surge campaign to make the case for a need to address Al Qaeda in Iraq. Most Americans watched the campaigned and mistook it for actual news.

In May of 2007, I recall addressing whether there was a significant fighting force to warrant a Surge. After being told Al Qaeda only accounted for 2% of the violence in Iraq, I found it hard to believe a Surge of 30,000 troops the best way to address the stated problem. So, night after night, Al Qaeda became the headline for everything wrong in Iraq. At the time, I pleaded with people to pay attention to the campaign of Al Qaeda’s overstated involvement.

There was a ghostly presence concerning Al Qaeda combatants. I have never scene one. This enemy combatant must be camera shy. In WWII, you saw pictures of the enemy — soldiers, units, combat footage complete with the save the day hero. “WHERE IS THE GODDAMMIT PROOF?” With all the victory claims, there must be some proof of the battles it took to “win this thing.” There is none.

What stopped the violence amounted to paying the combatants off. We did not need a Surge for distributing the cash. With the unaccounted for 9 billion dollar in Iraq, there was talk about giving money away from the back of a pick up truck. No, you don’t need 30,000 troops to give money away. I guess they could make a case for guarding the money but that too is unlikely.

How easy it was for this administration to claim victory resulting from the Surge. In the first place, they did not make a good enough case to have a Surge. They certainly have not proved they needed on. They usually have a “smart bomb fest,” complete with footage of precise hits that claim their targets and the innocent population around it, or should we call the innocent “collateral damage.”

One way to win this argument is to address the phony way they went about creating the need to have a Surge. Also, request for battle footage, complete with one fire fight with Al Qaeda. Not “expected” Al Qaeda combatants, but the reason we needed the Surge Al Qaeda combatants.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Plays The Race Card

Media Matters - Juan Williams says Michelle Obama "sometimes uses" a "kind of militant anger"

Why does the media get a free pass when the question who is playing the race card is asked? Without the media, race would be but a small problem. With the media, it is always looming in the background waiting to pounce on its next victim.

The MSM, MSNBC, CNN, and as you just viewed, Fox news actually create, sustain, and drive the dynamics of race. They then have the nerve to set by and evaluate the topic as to who would dare use race as a political tool. This third party position they take is never talked about, confronted, or clarified to be a direct product of the MSM's need to sensationalize everything they think will improve their ratings.

I am committed to exposing this and other dynamics associated with unspoken negatives of the MSM.We need a counter drive of sorts. However, it is hard for the Democrats to address this issue head on. Recall the more Hillary and Bill Clinton asserted the media was behind race dynamics, the more the MSM attacked their campaign as a whole.

I truly look forward to a day when the media of old returns to claim its earlier glory. At present, each major network holds and exerts the right to have their resident racist. Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Tucker, and Glenn Beck all walk up to the door of racist intent while claiming it is their right to tell it like it is. CNN actually was a true leader in network news, commentators and special commendation. Today , they have did all they can do to distort whether commentators have the right to attack others under the banner of free speech. There is not time more evident then now for the need of a fair and balanced media.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John Is Right; Obama Should Not Of Went For This Format

Crooks and Liars » Rick Warren admits McCain was late for Forum and then says we’re attacking the Secret Service

I hate to use the word conspiracy because it is associated with being a crackpot. However, the word conspiracy totally applies when referring to what the right-wing media is doing to Barack Obama. It is reflected in the polls and in comments made by newscasters and media personalities.

I say it is reflected in the polls because of sites like RealClearPolitics. Their average is dominated by two tracking polls, Gallup and Rasmussen. These two tracking polls is lowering the perception of Obama’s lead by manipulating daily releases. Take a look at the additional pollsters history. Clearly you can see how Gallup and Rasmussen polls have managed to keep Obama’s average below 4%. I have been able to predict with fair accuracy releases by these two pollsters when another poll shows Obama with a lead of 5% or better. How low will they go? As you can see, they have went as far as to put McCain ahead by 4%. This valve like function has been going on since the primaries.

In the media, MSNBC is taking the lead in representing the worse bias toward Obama. On many occasions they seem to contrive debates with stronger points being made for McCain. In the provided link, you can clearly see the so-called Democratic strategist did not put up much of a argument for Obama. Having this much manipulation power can deliver a strong measure of control. To control the opposition is one thing, but to control pro and con of an issue is manipulation gone propaganda and has given the right-wing media a nasty advantage not matched by the Democrats.

I am not surprised they have enlisted the so-called evangelist. The Republicans have enjoyed their support for years, and the last I checked it has not changed. Maybe Obama should write this group off and chalk this up as experience.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why Is CSPAN Giving Jerome Corsi A Forum

Media Matters - Corsi: Critics of Obama might be "put ... in jail" if he's president

So, If I wrote a book saying John McCain sold me high grade pot, would CSPAN put me on the Washington Journal? By giving Jerrome Corsi a well known forum like the Washington Journal, CSPAN, which has a conservative edge, is giving legitimacy to Corsi's lies.

No matter how you slice it, Corsi will get a boost from this appearance and CSPAN knows it. Anytime you give a lie a debate formate, you are giving that lie a life associated with choice: Mines or theirs. CSPAN is using its reputation for covering both sides to give this lie a chance to hurt Barack Obama. It does not matter if they put someone on from MediaMatters to counter the lies. The damage was done before the counter got on TV.

I know many would disagree with me, but I don't give the Washington Journal a fair rating at all. The very core call in structure is designed to minimize the popular opinion. As we speak, George W. Bush has an approval rating of 25% or lower, yet, on the Washington Journal they may as well have one 50% or better. The calls are set up for one Democrat, one Republican and one Independent. This format takes away from any sense of a issue becoming a outrage among the people. In fact, it hides the fact that the public may be for or against a issue. As it stands, this is a perfect format for Corsi because half will hate what he's doing and half the callers will make points for his actions.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tied In Who’s Polls

Crooks and Liars » Senator Akaka slams Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts’ comments Barack Obama is tied with John McCain sparked a ongoing concern for bias polling. I have made several comments asserting bias in Gallup and Rasmussen polls. Here is a chance to make another. First off, why does so many media commentators use Gallup and Rasmussen polls to make their “its a close race” comments? Take another look at the history of polling for president this year; this time exclude Gallup and Rasmussen polls.

What you will discover is without Gallup and Rasmussen low numbers for Barack Obama, the polling picture would look different, by at least four points. I have followed this polling bias with much anger. The MSM uses Gallup and Rasmussen polls as if they were made for them. Upon closer inspection, you can clearly see Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls are being used as a valve. When other polls release polls with a 5 point or better lead for Obama, Gallup and Rasmussen adjust to what numbers will keep McCain close to Obama. RealClearPolitics’ assemblage of polls document a everyday bias for John McCain. As I comment, todays polling display represent an attempt to wash out higher numbers, so Gallup and Rasmussen polls will have a stronger effect.

There is support for my assertion Gallup and Rasmussen polls are bias. Because every commentator using the noted polls are conservative in delivery of news, It is a hard thing to counter. However, someone can say to them: THERE ARE MORE POLLS OUT THERE THEN JUST GALLUP AND RASMUSSEN.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

MSNBC The New Network Of Deception

Crooks and Liars » McCain’s Latest Lie: Obama is the ‘Big Oil’ Candidate

“Thou shell rationalize any facts needed to advance Republican gaols.” MSNBC uses the former statement like a biblical commandment. Racism, Democratic intentions and actions, polls, truths and facts mean nothing to this network of deception. Their primary goal is to create a reality that favors the Republican agenda. MSNBC is now worse then Fox News.

From Dan Abrams to Kieth Olbermann, they all twist information to suit issues, facts and special guest assertions. They lie and back it up with a rational line of scenarios no one will call them on in the moment they release their deceptions. Believe it this was an exception to the rule. You can thank Karl Rove for Nicole Wallace’s attempt to accuse the opponent of what they accuse you of. You recall they used this tactic with the claim Barack Obama was getting more attention from the press. Like this claim, it was a lie they hoped would catch on. The John McCain camp has to do something; their bias polls have been discovered and now stand to be washed out by true pollsters who give Obama more of a lead. It is known Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls are being used as a option to lower Obama’s numbers as needed. You don’t really think McCain is beating Obama or one point behind him? If you do, I have some land in Alaska I can sell you really cheap.

It appears everything goes on MSNBC. Pat Buchanan boarder line racist statements, calling candidates children a whore to be pimped by their own Mother and anything they can use to keep viewers away from Fox news. One could make the argument actual news reporting is second to news creation in MSNBC. Where has all the professionalism went? It surely is not on MSNBC.


The Sheet Smelling Media Is At It Again

Crooks and Liars » David Gregory: Broader implications for the party

Ask yourself, do you inquire about your co-workers sex life or extra marital affairs? Does it concern you who your boss sleeps with? Would you wait outside a house, a hotel, or in the back of a car to find out who is having sex? If you did, you would be considered a pervert. This is in affect what the media does when they play got-ya with celebrity’s sex life.

I don’t give a shit who some one is f_ _ king, S _ _ king or playing patty cake with. It is their life, and I will give them respect because I want the same. If they are not messing with children, they have an adult right to be left alone.

What the media does amounts to sheet smelling. Most of them have the same kind of sexual habits as the very people they smear. If America stop playing the got-ya game with this strange obsession with the media, maybe there will a true transition of news focus to doing what they were created to do: REPORT THE DAM NEWS.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Why Should We Give Crooks More Land And Oil

Crooks and Liars » The Gang of 10: Barack Obama’s Energy Trump Card?

Logically, this plan to give the oil companies any of the people’s treasure is a bad idea. They have made record profits, and while doing so, they have did nothing to help with the high prices at the pump. Now, can you believe this, they want more to create another record breaking profit dynamic. I say like Ted Stevens of Alaska, “NO.”

The Republicans have a presumptuous nature to their strategies. Without addressing whether the people would be for giving Oil companies more land and oil, they have moved ahead to the oil company’s right to have it. drill it, and profit excessively from it. Make them back up; make them sure the wealth and help lower the current high prices by balancing the price of gasoline with their profits. Yes, use that as a bargaining tool, and if they don’t help to lower the prices of gasoline, don’t give them shit.

Instead of the Republicans sitting in the dark trying to persuade the public they are doing the people’s business, they should be using their influence to convince the Oil executives it is in their best interest to help with the gas prices. And, not letting the Democrats off the hook, they should be focusing on the same thing. Force the oil companies to earn the next record profit give away.


Its Time For The Republicans To Come Out Of The Dark Congress

Crooks and Liars » House Republican endorses ‘the Paris Hilton plan’ on energy

Enough with the stunts and desperate attempts at wining over public favor — any favor. Really its time for these guys to put something on the table besides filling the oil company’s pockets. One could argue the only forward thinking the Republicans have done with energy as been to make sure the same greedy oil companies have money and oil ten years from now. It will not work.

First off, can we take away the claim they speak for the majority of the people. What people? No one has asked me shit. The only way the Republicans can truly say they speak for the majority is to have a vote. I know in my heart they would loose hands down. As it stands, the use of Gallup, CNN, and Rasmussen polls are not a full representative sample of the this country’s people. They represent conservative interest and nothing more.

It is time for the Republicans to role up their sleeves and do some real bargaining with the oil companies. They have the contacts to bargain for help with lowering the gasoline. Not once has any of them came up with a plan to lower the price of gas by balancing the record profits of the oil companies. This should of been done months ago, and the Democrats missed pushing the issue. It is not too late. As it stands, every effort seems to lack focus and cohesiveness to move forward on this issue. A campaign slogan to “Think Balance” would help the oil companies share the wealth.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

MSNBC News Or Opponent

Media Matters - On Hardball , Barnicle relied on misleading NY Times article to assert that Obama has raised more from big donors than McCain

I did a quick scan of how many stories were related to MSNBC. There are many. At what point to we rise the question what is their role in our election process? So far, there is many incidents that point to their support for John McCain. Yet, there are some questionable manipulation dynamics that bare review and concern.

Do you recall how vicious MSNBC was toward Hillary Clinton during the primary process? Most of Barack Obama's supporters did little to rise any concerns for the claim Chris Matthews' obsession with Clinton when beyond reporting to dedicating more then half his show bashing her. I know I was concerned for the unequal funding burden imposed on her from the endless attacks on her campaign. After record funding goals, she still came up short as a result of the attacking nature of the press, mostly MSNBC and CNN. It is one thing to battle a candidate and another to battle TV networks. The end result is she lost.

There were many who was concerned that all the love given to Barack Obama would turn sour when the general election came. As it stands, those concerns were well founded. MSNBC has dropped all support for Obama for, yes you guessed it, John McCain. From all of this I have one very import question: Why did they want Obama elected as nominee? Without having to note it, I have my own conclusions for why.

MSNBC and their conservative counter parts are not finished with Clinton. There is the matter of vice president, and they are making sure she does not get on the ticket. When a Republican says Clinton as the VP pick will help them, they are lying through their teeth. If that were the case, do you think they would broadcast it and campaign to make sure she is not chosen? As I note these comments Brewer from MSNBC is having a phony debate with a Republican and Democratic strategist . You know the Democratic strategist who seems to agree with every negative claimed against their Party. They are debating if Clinton is trying to steal Obama's nomination. From the video they used to make the claim, you have to stretch it to come to that conclusion, and MSNBC had no problem doing so.

My claim is this: What MSNBC is doing amounts to undue influence and questionable manipulation of the facts, airways and our election process. When you have a network with the financial influence MSNBC has, there is cause for concern. Now, until November, we have to watch this network do the same thing they did to Clinton to Obama. But now, the stakes are very high. I don't think this country can stand another Republican administration. This story will continue.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Right-Wing Media Has A Lot Of Work To Do

Crooks and Liars » What Happened?

When does John McCain “shine?” So far, he looks like a total baboon under the best light. This man does not have the mental capacity to be president of the boy scouts. I mean he is missing much of what made him a fighter pilot. Only aging can do this. Yes, he’s too old.

Yet, the right-wing media has chosen him to be our president. At every opportunity, they come out with their new Gallup poll to show how close McCain is to Barack Obama. Gallup has had to work so hard they stop showing their history on the RealClear Politics site. Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls give the Republican instant daily control over the polling averages. Gallup has had to change so much someone thought it would be a good idea to remove the tracking poll history. It could come back to hunt them.

I would not worry about polling manipulation if I were working for McSame McCain; I would be worried about what McCain himself might to to end the chances of him becoming president. He missing much, and it is easy to pickup on.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Essence Of The Al Qaeda In Iraq Offensive

Crooks and Liars » McCain Suggests Iraqi War-like Clampdown To Deal With Inner City Crime

"MCCAIN: And some of those tactics - you mention the war in Iraq - are like that we use in the military. You go into neighborhoods, you clamp down, you provide a secure environment for the people that live there, and you make sure that the known criminals are kept under control. And you provide them with a stable environment and then they cooperate with law enforcement, etc, etc."

The above outlines the gist of what we know as the Surge. It involved a door to door sweep through Iraqi neighborhoods. Long gone are the columns of offensive equipment that highlighted our latest technological advances. On occasion, they use our smart ass bomb technology that hit their target and everything around it. This is the same smart ass bomb weapons that create a insurgency loop. After killing an innocent, lets say a child, the relatives of that child become the next wave of insurgents hell bent on revenge.

I know John McCain cannot be thinking of this kind of offensive in the streets of America. While I know the use of smart bomb technology is out of the question, if they steal another election, I do see McCain using door to door tactics to quite opposition. The media has been very busy trying to give the impression McCain is close to Barack Obama and ready to take the lead. Hell, I would not be surprised if Gallup release a poll tomorrow with McCain in the lead. There is no way in hell McCain is beating Obama or even close to him. What you are seeing are polls made to order. Yet, I can’t help but feel we are being soften up for another stolen election.

I was watching Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press.” He was interviewing Barack Obama during his European trip. Brokaw was so dismissive toward anything positive Obama did during the trip and wanted only to talk about hypothetical scenarios. I sat in front of the TV calling Brokaw every kind of bastard I could think of. He made me feel unimportant and I was not even there. After the program, I pondered what would happen if all of the media treated Obama in this way. There is no doubt Obama would have a problem. We would have to brace ourselves for another 8 years of Republican rule. I don’t think this country can live through another conservative administration.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And The Distortions Continues

Crooks and Liars » Take the Pledge: Hold the Media Accountable

Talk about coordinating attacks, have you seen the polls lately? There is a clear attempt by the folks at the RealClear politics site to control the polling averages. When you know how to use numbers, you can create all kinds of deceptions. Gallup released a poll showing Barack Obama with a 9 point lead. Within the next two days, they released another poll showing John McCain with 4 point lead among likely voters, including the 9 point lead polls they gave two days prior. Today, Dick Gregory of MSNBC argued why is Obama not gaining in the polls. Here is why.

I have provided a link to the RealClear politics’ averages. When a conservative polling agency is controlling which polls are included in that average, you can make that average favor your candidate every time. So RealClear dropped a few leading polls for Obama, and found the right sequence of numbers that would make Obama look week, McCain look stronger, and Gallup look fair. With a strange combination that had Gallup giving Obama a 9 point lead, and another polls showing McCain with a 4 point lead, they are making the false claim Obama is not winning. While you are at it, look at the history of the national polls. As a matter of perception and which poll you believe, you can make the same claim Obama is pulling away from McCain.

My point: The polling average is generated by a conservative agency. They will not show Obama leading if they can work the numbers so they don’t have to. They have been working the numbers overtime, complete with bias and media support. The bias in favor of McCain is huge and coordinated. I have seen the same coordination within the media as they comment on Hillary Clinton’s chances for VP. So far, the conservatives have become so concerned for Obama and are making a wise piece of advice not to chose Clinton. I am so impressed with the non partisan advice of the Republican party. NOT.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Will The Pot Call The Kettle Black

Crooks and Liars » Reliable Sources covers CBS and the Couric/McCain editing scandal

Within the MSM, there is a whole list of editing that fall into a questionable area. One could conclude, because of the competitive nature of cable news programs, the “other” networks would be all over this story — forever highlighting the difference in their network. That comparative criticism is missing, and it is obvious as to why.

CBS is waiting for the “other” networks to dare say a word. I would guess every network covering right-wing formulated media is guilty of the same thing. What comes to mind is the media campaigns often used by this administration. Al Qaeda in Iraq was such a editing example. Before the Surge, everything going on in Iraq was attributed to Al Qaeda. Before it was over, Al Qaeda became the primary fighting force. Yes, from 5% influence to warranting a Surge. You only need imagine the editors saying “take that name out and place Al Qaeda in it’s place.” In the end, Al Qaeda had its day, America save the day with its Surge, and the Iraqis are living forever after.

No, the “other” networks better not say too much about their propaganda buddy. They are all the same.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Could NBC Be Anymore Bias

Crooks and Liars » Meet the Press: Tom Brokaw Loves Him Some NeoCon Pundits

If I didn’t know any better, I would say the Meet the Press interview was a planned hit job. From the start, to the end, Tom Brokaw did his part for the Republican Party. Although Barack Obama held his own in his Meet The Press interview, there is a attrition factor to account for within a conservative driven media. The more Obama is exposed to a hostel media the more the perception becomes that of conservative rhetoric about him.

It would be wise of the Obama camp, and C&L for that matter, to show bits and pieces of this interview compared to today’s interview with John McCain on ABC’s “This Week.” This should settle this claim that there is a bias in the media. Within that comparison is the truth about where the bias truly lies.

As it is, with the conservative control of the media, the powers to be in the media are making assumptions that Obama is in a close race with McCain. Nothing could be further from the truth. We must not forget the last two presidential elections were very suspicious and thought to be taken away unfairly from the Democrats. I must admit I am one of those who feel that way. The media is well into a plan to do the same. We need to get started on a Democratic plan to see that we don’t get cheated again.


The Media's Campaign To Help Republicans Win The Drilling Argument

Behind the strategy that withholds key facts, the media has taken sides in the argument to drill offshore. The Republicans are not withholding no tricks to win this argument for drilling.

The Democrats are outnumbered and outmaneuvered when it comes to the drilling argument. Because the media is owned and operated by conservatives, the Democrats can only sit by and watch the media frame the argument, withhold key facts, and reduce the opposition's debating point to a week talking point. For example, the media is presenting the drilling argument as if drilling will have immediate affect. Even the Republicans have said not a drop of oil will be available until 2018, and when it does, it will only affect the price by no more then two cents.

The Republicans are also hiding behind phony polling data. The question asked of the participants are misleading. The media also withheld the fact that the Republicans actually held up a bill that would of lead to lower gas prices by addressing the speculation problem.

As the Republicans scream "I want to drill drill drill," maybe they might remember that real people are hurting by this gas crisis. They need to stop playing games and the media needs to stop delivering these game to the American people. The bottom line is there has not been a left-wing driven media. Instead it has always been owned and manipulated by conservatives, and with this story, the WP is not excluded.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where Is The Story

Crooks and Liars » Vincent Bugliosi: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power and his take on Weapons of Mass Destruction
BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Oil Speculation Bill.

C&L, I am not writing this to blogwhore, I am putting this here so you can write something about it. You have a much broader audience than we do. The Republicans are screwing us - again. Most obstructionist ever!

Please write something about this! (And if you want to delete this message, please feel free to do so).

Thank you!

Where Is The Story

I view this as an opportunity to seat more Democrats in November. The Democrats have got to sensationalize what the Republicans have did to relief legislation. They have got to let the masses know immediate relief should not be politicized for something that would not do anything but make Oil companies richer.

The way I see it the Democrats need to do a one thing to be in the best position to eliminate the Republican drilling craze:

They have got to debunk the polling data the Republicans distorted to say most Americans want us to drill. This has got to be done in two ways. The first is they need to inform the voters of the bias nature of the Republican polls and sites like Rasmussen polling and RealClear politics. At every opportunity, these organization will manipulate data to favor John McCain and Republican interest in general. When Gallup worded the question in this way:

Please say whether you would favor or oppose taking each of the following steps to attempt to reduce the price of gasoline. How about: allowing oil drilling in U.S. coastal and wilderness areas now off-limits to oil exploration?

The misleading part of this question is: “whether you would favor or oppose taking each of the fallowing steps to attempt to reduce the price of gasoline.” Instead of asking the question honestly, the bias pollster mislead the responders to think drilling would bring prices down immediately. The fact about this is widely known. If drilling were to start tomorrow, it would not yield a drop of oil until 2018. There is nothing immediate about drilling.

It would be nice to make the Republicans pay for what they blocked today. Watching Vincent Bugliosi speak from a power perspective was inspiring and a model for how Democrats should posture themselves for this very misleading adversary.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Reality Steals The Show

Crooks and Liars » Vincent Bugliosi: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power and his take on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Vincent Bugliosi used “the real” to steal the spotlight and shake the members of this hearing up. Although at one point during the hearing one Republican congressmen tried to make this a academic exercise, Bugliosi knows this is no debate in which each side stands on equal footing. For the first time since I became aware of the Bush administration’s defense for their actions, I got to see someone nail the truth into the room of a congressional hearing. Bugliosi is a true truth sayer who knows a crime, not a debate, has been committed by this president. As far has Bugliosi is concerned this was a crime yesterday being addressed today, so we will know how to deal with it tomorrow.

Bugliosi slang the truth as if he was using a sword of justice. He captured the audience in a way that only truth’s power will allow. I know he made a few Republicans mad angry because they could not shut him up. Oh, they tried, but today Bugliosi was in his power and he knows how to use it.

Bush’s lies has hidden behind public apathy, Republican distortions and mass denial for the duration of his term. Today the path was clear for a brief moment and I need to thank Bugliosi for his courage. Maybe, he will establish a framework for how to address this administration’s crafty ways. I sure hope so.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Surge

Crooks and Liars » Joe Scarborough: Olbermann “too stupid to be on TV” for running McCain’s Anbar gaffe

Show me where the Surge has worked at. Show me one battle associated with the Surge. Show me one Al Qaeda stronghold in Iraq. And most of all, show me one Al Qaeda soldier because I do not know what they look like.

In all the battles of importance throughout American history, there was always footage of that battle or war stories associated with an offensive supposedly this grand. Joe Scarborough would hate me for this one: There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq to begin with. I know this because I watched the Bush administration create the myth about Al Qaeda’s dominance from the start.

On so many levels, the people of this country let this administration get away with this big lie. This lie was connected to the claim the Republicans tried to make about Saddam being allied with Al Qaeda. It was a lie in 2003 and even a bigger lie in 2008.

When the Democrats tried to make the case that Al Qaeda did not get into Iraq until America occupied it, this administration took what they could and created “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” Enter the Surge to get rid of Al Qaeda. You know, the Surge with no footage, no captured strongholds or known Al Qaeda soldiers.

In any event, with some restrictions on the press, this administration was able to defeat our ghostly enemy with ease. Today, in Iraq, everything good was made possible by the Surge.

There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq in sufficient numbers to make a Surge necessary. This must of been the easiest battle of the Iraqi war. It is evident this administration expects for Americans to forget what came before the current events in question. This has made it possible for Scarborough to make his claim “know American would remember anything about the Suni Awakening.” As a Republican, he counts on it.


How The Surge Really Worked

Crooks and Liars » CBS violates its own Standards and Practice by altering transcript and video of McCain interview

Back in May of 2007, I made the claim there was no real Al Qaeda in Iraq. This claim was made as I observed the campaign of this administration make the case for staying in Iraq. At that time, Al Qaeda was doing everything. They were killing Americans, inserting suicide bombers, and holding whole towns captive. The glaring problem I had with this was there was no proof Al Qaeda did anything. Simultaneous to these claims was media restrictions that kept out any attempt to verify the claims Al Qaeda had as much influence as they did.

Enter good old conservative media, who not only advanced the Bush Party line, sensationalized the campaign to make Al Qaeda a standard player in Iraq. All of this well placed claims of Al Qaeda’s influence set the stage for the so called Surge. It is easy to win a war when there is no real opposition to begin with.

Now, ask yourself this question: Have you ever scene any footage of Al Qaeda soldiers, Al Qaeda occupation, or Al Qaeda dead soldiers? Since we just liberated the infiltrated Iraqi providences, there should be some of those patriotic stories of how “GI kick your ass Joe” wiped out a Al Qaeda strong hold. I have saw nothing, but I did see a meeting in which the story of how much money we paid to keep the sides from fighting was being told. How is that for a Surge?

If there were a competition for which was the most outrageous lie the Bush administration made, Al Qaeda in Iraq would win hands down for complexity alone. Coming in a close second would be the apparent victory associated with the Surge. There has been a whole lot of lying going on.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Are The Media Critics When You Need Them

Crooks and Liars » McCain: “Oil executives” tell me my energy plan is awesome

It is truly hard to get a complete picture of the campaign atmosphere when you have the power concentrated on one side. When the media controls the pro and the con of the issues being debated, they have the potential to create a false reality. CNN and MSNBC focused on the media’ infatuation with Barack Obama all day. The real picture could not be further from the truth.

Since John McCain entered this race, he has gotten a “free pass” from the media. On a daily bases, McCain makes mistakes that would of ended Obama’s presidency. Would you vote for Obama if he didn’t know the geographical landscape of the most dangerous part of the world? Yes, we know there is no Iraqi Pakistan boarder, but not McCain.

When you cannot conceptualize an accurate picture of what you are dealing with in the middle east, you are disadvantaged at the core of your thoughts and analytical perspective. In other words, he is out of his league. So far, the media treats McCain like he has very little negatives. This was exampled when Westley Clark made the statement being in the military, POW or any other status, does not automatically make you president material. The media framed this like if Clark was a bigot. It was simply a fact — Here and anyplace else in this world.

When the media controls how the argument is delivered, it is wrong, but when you add to that control a say of how it is defended, the reality they create is so misleading and moves into the realm of propaganda. There is often a 3 to 1 ratio in favor of McCain on the news shows. Added to this disadvantage is a Democratic defender who never seems to argue all the points. This is by design; don’t forget we have a conservative owned media. Show me where the Liberal monopoly is? I rest my case — only until the next issue.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is The Left Being Underrepresented

Crooks and Liars » Bill Kristol: Obama is so unqualified

When the MSM holds a debate, have you ever felt, the person arguing for the Left was week? I have sit on the edge of my chair yelling the truth at the TV concerning the argument. The truth never comes because the conservative media is controlling too much. One way the conservative media appears “fair and balanced” is having both sides of the argument deliver their points. What happens when one side is not arguing their points fully? You yell at the TV like a kid in a classroom with his hand in the air who feels they have the right answer.

The drilling argument is a good example for my point. I wondered why the counter for drilling offshore never expressed the key points to why drilling will not do a thing to lower prices. After the right-wing representative expresses their “we need all the contributers for being energy independent, the left wing counter is presented in a week fashion that does not include more then one point during the debate.

It’s subtle but the right-wing media is guilty of presenting the Left’s argument is a week fashion. That is just one way the right-wing media does to even the lead currently held by Barack Obama. The other way the right-wing media is going after Obama’s lead is by chopping up Obama’s message. This hits Obama at his strongest attribute. By chopping up Obama’s message, they have taken away to flow that moves the audience. This too is subtle and hard to see unless someone points it out.

It helps to be aware of the silent effective tricks the Republicans use. It has got to help to know the conservative media is controlling both sides of the argument in order to give you the impression they are covering both sides of the debate and the Left lost. A informed voter is a smart voter.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

She Needs To Be More Like In The Video

Unless she says something, everyone will think it is her and the Democrats who are responsible for the “do nothing” status the media helps to promote toward congress. Really, this is the first time I have heard from her in months. The people will not know the truth about who is really holding things up unless she takes a proactive posture toward Bush, the Republicans and the conservative media.

If I never hear one more conservative commentator say congress’s approval rating is worse then Bush’s, it will be too soon. None of the Democrats are making the claim loud enough THE REPUBLICANS ARE BEHIND THE LOW APPROVAL RATINGS. If you poll the same folks who is responsible for the rating and ask who is worse, those same respondents will say, by more then two to one, the Republicans are much worse. The media will leave you with the silent impression it is the Democrats who are responsible.

Speaking of polls, has anyone notice how Gallup and Rasmussen continue to poll Barack Obama with a very slim lead? Every time other polling organizations release polls with higher leads, Gallup and Rasmussen numbers get lower and lower. What is going on is an pre attempt to soften voters up for the old “switch-arue –” some word I made up that stands for election fraud.

I am of the believe Obama’s numbers are much better then Real Clear is presenting them . On a daily basis, as the other polling agencies start to contribute to the polling, the conservative pollsters continue to fight real hard to deceiving the would be voters. Someone has got to counter the mass deceptive practices associated with this election. Don’t you think for one moment the MSM is fair; they are not. Don’t think they will not show the collective conservative butts off; they will as if they continue to control both Houses. Don’t you think they will not try and steal this election; they are trying to do that as we comment.


Republican Alert The Truth Has Been Spoken

Crooks and Liars » Nancy Pelosi: “Two oil men in the White House” are responsible for high oil prices

I wonder what happens to the Republicans when the truth about an issue gets out. The MSM has not kept the camera on any Democrat long enough to tell all the facts concerning what drilling will do. Instead, the Wolf Blitzers of the world would have you believe, the Democrats are stopping what the people want.

So far, it is not clear what questions have been asked of the American people, and if this is going to be a determinant, lets put it on a ballot to get to what the people want. I know the initial question asked by Gallup was misleading at best. it asked “if it would lower gas prices, would you support offshore drilling?” It is misleading because no oil will come of the venture for at least 10 years. I am not sure, after the greedy profit margin the oil companies now enjoy, the American people wants to give them the right to make this kind of money from land that belongs to the American people. At some point, does any American want to know “what about their cut in this get rich land give away?”

With the exposure to issues organizations like C&L bring, the Democrats finally are allowed to deliver the truth concerning these issues in its entirety. As it stands, the MSM will only play bits and pieces of the truth. This fractured delivery often makes the Democrats seem scattered and without any cohesive plan. The MSM are doing this very thing to Barack Obama. If you have not noticed, they are not reported his messages to the people in its entirety. The chopped up version takes away Obama’s primary weapon: His ability to speak and deliver a moving speech.

The Republicans can only get away with apathy when they can shorten, distort, or mislead issues. They have got to be a little uneasy when they saw Nancy Polosi speaking the truth. To hear Polosi say her congress has passed every bill they said they would pass, with the exception being getting out of this war, the lying Right must feel like they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It makes you appreciate sites like C&L even more.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Will This Be The One That Will Tear Bush’s Defense To Shreds

First let me note how validated I felt to hear University Law Professor Jonathan Turley say Bush has been using a “lets debate” tactic to get away with crimes. Until now, I felt like my claims that Bush used this as a defense fell into a black whole. I have written about this many times, and I never got any takers to process my concerns for this dynamic that seemed so obvious. Thank you very much Professor Turley.

Nancy Pelosi must reconsider impeaching, and I do hate to say his name in this way, President Bush. In fact, just as the Florida and Michigan primary voters put it, no one person or committee should be allowed to take something away from the voting public. My stomach turned when it was reported that a Democratic committee took a state’s right to vote away and my stomach still turns when I hear the Democratic leaders say impeachment is off the table. They have no right to speak for the American people on this scale.

When all is said and counted, our murderous president is responsible for well over a million deaths. Dam the torture issue because we should be talking about genocide charges. I can say this with 100% sense of righteousness afforded those who have witnessed a crime and saw who did it.

Polosi, along with many key officials, suffer from collective denial. In spite of the obvious nature of Bush’s crime, it is treated like like something less then what it truly is. How is that for denial? Somebody should awaken Polosi and her key officials. This is not a dream, nightmare or an exercise in how much patience does it take to forgive a genocide. This was real, its still real, and if it were left up to Bush or McSame, it would be real for a long time to come.

Today, I want impeachment rights put back on the same got-dam table Polosi took them off of. One of our first lessons in life is: You don’t take things that don’t belong to you.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Take Two Do Nothing Pills And Call It Debate

Crooks and Liars » Dana Milbank: Economic Anxiety Disorder or One Nervous Bushie

This country is in a terrible standing posture. We are in an illegal war, the price of gas has more then doubled in the course of 6 months, and we are watching our economy deteriorate before our eyes. Yet, the posture we are in yields nothing but debate.

We need to acknowledge our poor response to any and all our problems. What is happening? Can we do anything to correct our deteriorating posture? Could it be everyone is waiting for the other person to do something, so we are in a “pass the buck” loop? I feel like I am watching the end of America as I know it go away in slow motion.

There is a method to this madness that started when Bush got caught spying on Americans. I got all ready for impeachment hearings in which a long list of additional crimes would finally be addressed. It never happen. What happen is the right-wing media framed the issue as a difference of opinion. It was those who were patriots battling those who demand freedom to have a private life. Meanwhile, the fact this administration committed a crime was lost. In affect, we took our two do nothing pills and called it a debate.

You can see the media coming to the aide of this president every time he’s did something questionable. Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and now the Associated Press advance Bush’s need to have questionable issues be a difference in opinion. The real question is not why would these media organization do this; it is why they would not do this. They are conservative advancing conservative causes in a dying conservative era. These bastards are facing extinction of their politics, of their 30 year manipulating influence, and of their hold on those who believe they have honest intentions.

In the conservative dying moments, they have stalemated everything. We can stop this stalemate by letting your congress and senate know we need to get pass the debate deception. Something illegal is illegal. Let the Lawyers debate the validity. We can force our representatives to act in our interest because we put them their.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Where Is The Liberal Bias

The current state of the media is one sided. We all get the same opinions shoved
down our throats. If you let the current media establishment describe their coverage, they would say “we are fair and balanced.” In appearance, the media will give you a “song and dance” of two sides arguing opposing opinions. However, a closer look will reveal the “song and dance” the viewer signed up for is not the one he’s getting. Control is control; when you have it, you have an advantage.

To see this story concerning the Associated Press is scary. It means the print alternative to the MSNBCs and CNNs of the very bias right-wing media is now, you guested it, right-wing also. Now we have the right covering all bases. Oh yes, this should be very scary to all of us who know what we get from the current media is slanted, paid for, and created.

There is no Liberal bias. However, we sure could use some counter representation. As it stands, when networks like CNN does provide an appearance of “fair and balanced,” the ratio is usually three to one. I recall watching CNN’s version of “fair and balanced” once. It involved three would be Barack Obama supporters and one Clinton supporter. The Clinton supporter was also a former member of the Bush administration. Talk about “throwing a dog a bone.”Today, the same ratio will apply with three John McCain supporters and one Obama supporter. If you have not scene it yet, wait it will come.

The counter to this problems is to support a move back to fairness, assuming it once exist. Nancy Pelosi is talking about re-establishing the fairness doctrine. When that time does come, we need to support it.


They Don't Report News; They Create It

This is day 5 with this issue. Why is it getting this much press? It is obvious; the people at MSNBC are doing what they do all the time: Lying.

Yesterday, it was Dave Abrams. Over and over, he kept emphasizing the real "hurtful" comments was when Wesley Clark said “John McCain's war experience does not qualify him to be president." After 4 news cycles, this is still being put before would be voters. There are two very important dynamics being played here:

1. At this point, this is being advanced by MSNBC; it is not reporting news. It is clearly an attempt to create negative talking points to hurt Barack Obama.

2. And this is the most important point of the two. Recall Hillary Clinton ran into funding problems. In actuality, she raised record amounts of funding; still, she came up short. The reason Clinton ran short of money is because she could not out spend the endless amount of money the right-wing media has. When Obama has to spend money and time countering issues being advanced by the media, he too will come up short -- just like Clinton.

My second point brings home a much unseen unfair dynamic. The media is actively trying to force one candidate to spend money to counter their claims. It is their goal to get Obama to spend more money then he has risen. How far should the media be allowed to go?

The issue and point the right is trying to make has poor logic. It is obvious to me someone saying a war experience does not qualify you for president is not an attack. MSNBC knows this.

At this point, the media must be confronted by this dynamic and asked if their involvement have true "reporting" intentions. They must be asked why is this an issue and why are they making it one.


Friday, May 23, 2008

This Has Really Angered Me


CNN: Clintons' game plan is not working

There are a few associated angles to look at when it comes to Hillary Clinton's campaign. In the end, it has taken a would be front runner and lowered her standings in the Democratic primary. The media is 80% responsible for this tragic negative influence.

This seem to start with Chris Matthews, who devoted 90% of his show to bringing Clinton down. Matthews went from asking whether Barack Obama could beat Clinton to making sure it happened. We all know the special negative attention Matthews gave Clinton. I ask the question: What if Obama had to pay for the attacks made on his behalf by Matthews? Would he have the funding advantage he enjoys now? I think not.

CNN, who is supposed to be the "BEST" in the business, has a obvious ratio problem when covering the candidates that has always favored Obama. The worst of this one sided reality comes during every election coverage. However, I have scene other times when the ratio was 3/1 in favor of Obama, with the one also being associated with George Bush. Talk about throwing a dog a bone.

The funding issue amounted to Clinton trying to counter media attacks along with Obama's attacks. This amounts to undue influence in the Democratic primaries. I am sadden at the amount of influence the media had a hand in.

Much should come out of this year's primaries. One is how much influence and manipulation should the media be allowed to engage in.

Finally, I have wondered why the conservative media is so much in a hurry to have Obama be the Democratic candidate -- this very dynamic was stolen and used by the Obama camp. I lied; I know why the conservative media wants Obama to run against John McCain. Its not hard to figure out. They want the weakest candidate to run in the general election. This fact will come to reality when the bias Obama now enjoys turns into a bias McCain will enjoy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Hitting An Emotional Home Run

Before the 2008 primaries, there was Iraq. It consumed the internet Blogs, and I am sure made for many heated debates. Our soldiers, since Vietnam, was dying in the streets of a foreign country for reasons not rooted in the truth. This story reminds me of the old saying: If you pour water on dried shit, it will smell just as fresh as it did when was first laid.

Opinions range from “we need to be there; if not, they will come to us,” to “our president invaded an innocent country and is responsible for the murder of at least a million people.” Although I tend to be of the later on the above opinion scale, I have to omit turning my head to focus on the up coming elections. So, “round two” is here and this topic still has a lot of energy associated with it. What will the renewed interest hold?

It appears some one is counting the many lies this administration told the American people. I have always contend the American people could not see the reality concerning the war even when it was right before their eyes. They refuse to connect the dots that brought us into the war, kept us fighting the war, and the misinformation campaign to keep us in the war.

This war is illegal, and as we continue to drop smart as bombs that seem to hit their target and the innocents around it, we fuel an insurgency that employ revengeful family members hell bent on killing our troops for what we call collateral damage. Yes, the topic is back, and recently I seem to hear more American casualties, not to down play the Iraqi casualties that double or triple ours.

If you follow the progression from the start to the current surge, we have been wrong at every step. In the past, now, and in the future, this war will be wrong and no amount of debate can change it. We need to get the hell out of Iraq.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Backlash In Process: How Sweet It Is

They thought Barack Obama’s appeal would never catch on as much as it did. They thought all they have to do to weaken the Democrats was to get rid of the front runner. They, the Republicans, could not of been more wrong.

Iowa must be scaring the shit out of the Republicans right now. Yes, Obama beat the socks off of Clinton in a dazzling fashion. There plan, delivered by CNN and MSNBC, may be working too well.

Back to what they know best: The usual nasty untruth made up attacks that get sensational press from the two networks noted above. By the time people figured out the attacks were made up, the damage has been done. Thanks to sites like C&L we now have counter for the lefts base. It is the independents and would be crossover votes I am worried about. However, with Barack Obama now proofing he can win in white states, you can bet the constant flood of Hillary Clinton bashing will stop.

Now, maybe, they will let the Democrats choose their own candidate. We will certainly see.