Saturday, August 09, 2008

MSNBC The New Network Of Deception

Crooks and Liars » McCain’s Latest Lie: Obama is the ‘Big Oil’ Candidate

“Thou shell rationalize any facts needed to advance Republican gaols.” MSNBC uses the former statement like a biblical commandment. Racism, Democratic intentions and actions, polls, truths and facts mean nothing to this network of deception. Their primary goal is to create a reality that favors the Republican agenda. MSNBC is now worse then Fox News.

From Dan Abrams to Kieth Olbermann, they all twist information to suit issues, facts and special guest assertions. They lie and back it up with a rational line of scenarios no one will call them on in the moment they release their deceptions. Believe it this was an exception to the rule. You can thank Karl Rove for Nicole Wallace’s attempt to accuse the opponent of what they accuse you of. You recall they used this tactic with the claim Barack Obama was getting more attention from the press. Like this claim, it was a lie they hoped would catch on. The John McCain camp has to do something; their bias polls have been discovered and now stand to be washed out by true pollsters who give Obama more of a lead. It is known Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls are being used as a option to lower Obama’s numbers as needed. You don’t really think McCain is beating Obama or one point behind him? If you do, I have some land in Alaska I can sell you really cheap.

It appears everything goes on MSNBC. Pat Buchanan boarder line racist statements, calling candidates children a whore to be pimped by their own Mother and anything they can use to keep viewers away from Fox news. One could make the argument actual news reporting is second to news creation in MSNBC. Where has all the professionalism went? It surely is not on MSNBC.


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