Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ask Me If I Care

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran: Not. I could care less what Iran does right now. With all that this country has on its plate right now, why should we be worrying about Iran?

That this should come up right now speaks to denial about the financial crisis we are in. “We are not hurting so bad that we forgot about our problem country Iran.” Its like the United States insist they maintain this superior world police role. It is really silly to give the impression that no matter what we still reserve the right to kick Iran in the ass for not doing what we told them to do.

If I were the leader of Iran, I would be dancing in front of Bushes white house with a mock nuclear plant prop singing: “I got my power; you can’t stop me; I got my power, you can’t stop me.”

How far is Bush willing to take this country down dark roads? Do you think he would risk military strikes on Iran, so gasoline can go through the roof? With amazement, I wonder what have we allowed this man to do to our country. Will we sit by and let him raid our treasury as he walks out of the White House?

There is one more assignment Barack Obama should take on. He needs to stop any further abuse by this president as he walks out of the White House. Someone has got to step up to the plate and read and explain what stunts this president may be carrying out on the American people. Someone has got to look this bastard in the face and say: “I got your number; put that money back and go sit your ass down until it is time for you to go.”


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