Monday, October 15, 2007

Following The Bouncing Lies

Out of Washington today are reports that Al Qaeda has been defeated. Yes, the ghostly enemy no one sees has been developed to be in Iraq, killed in Anbar Province, and now have been defeated by the mighty American Army. We won after all.

With the Iraqi mission wrapped up, the US can now focus on the next evil axis member: Iran. There is one thing that now seems to be a pattern of the Bush administration and that is they broadcast their next move. It is almost like they are laying the cards out to kids: First we kill one enemy then we kill the next.

This is why I resorted to supporting which ever Democrats stands the best chance of getting these murderous bastards out of office. Behind the bouncing lie reside real people who’s lives have been turned upside down. While back in the US, are legislators debate over the fate of a people in a third party exercise they call debate. Welcome to the modern world of the great United States.


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