Sunday, July 06, 2008

Take Two Do Nothing Pills And Call It Debate

Crooks and Liars » Dana Milbank: Economic Anxiety Disorder or One Nervous Bushie

This country is in a terrible standing posture. We are in an illegal war, the price of gas has more then doubled in the course of 6 months, and we are watching our economy deteriorate before our eyes. Yet, the posture we are in yields nothing but debate.

We need to acknowledge our poor response to any and all our problems. What is happening? Can we do anything to correct our deteriorating posture? Could it be everyone is waiting for the other person to do something, so we are in a “pass the buck” loop? I feel like I am watching the end of America as I know it go away in slow motion.

There is a method to this madness that started when Bush got caught spying on Americans. I got all ready for impeachment hearings in which a long list of additional crimes would finally be addressed. It never happen. What happen is the right-wing media framed the issue as a difference of opinion. It was those who were patriots battling those who demand freedom to have a private life. Meanwhile, the fact this administration committed a crime was lost. In affect, we took our two do nothing pills and called it a debate.

You can see the media coming to the aide of this president every time he’s did something questionable. Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and now the Associated Press advance Bush’s need to have questionable issues be a difference in opinion. The real question is not why would these media organization do this; it is why they would not do this. They are conservative advancing conservative causes in a dying conservative era. These bastards are facing extinction of their politics, of their 30 year manipulating influence, and of their hold on those who believe they have honest intentions.

In the conservative dying moments, they have stalemated everything. We can stop this stalemate by letting your congress and senate know we need to get pass the debate deception. Something illegal is illegal. Let the Lawyers debate the validity. We can force our representatives to act in our interest because we put them their.


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