Friday, August 08, 2008

Why Should We Give Crooks More Land And Oil

Crooks and Liars » The Gang of 10: Barack Obama’s Energy Trump Card?

Logically, this plan to give the oil companies any of the people’s treasure is a bad idea. They have made record profits, and while doing so, they have did nothing to help with the high prices at the pump. Now, can you believe this, they want more to create another record breaking profit dynamic. I say like Ted Stevens of Alaska, “NO.”

The Republicans have a presumptuous nature to their strategies. Without addressing whether the people would be for giving Oil companies more land and oil, they have moved ahead to the oil company’s right to have it. drill it, and profit excessively from it. Make them back up; make them sure the wealth and help lower the current high prices by balancing the price of gasoline with their profits. Yes, use that as a bargaining tool, and if they don’t help to lower the prices of gasoline, don’t give them shit.

Instead of the Republicans sitting in the dark trying to persuade the public they are doing the people’s business, they should be using their influence to convince the Oil executives it is in their best interest to help with the gas prices. And, not letting the Democrats off the hook, they should be focusing on the same thing. Force the oil companies to earn the next record profit give away.


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