Tuesday, August 19, 2008

John Is Right; Obama Should Not Of Went For This Format

Crooks and Liars » Rick Warren admits McCain was late for Forum and then says we’re attacking the Secret Service

I hate to use the word conspiracy because it is associated with being a crackpot. However, the word conspiracy totally applies when referring to what the right-wing media is doing to Barack Obama. It is reflected in the polls and in comments made by newscasters and media personalities.

I say it is reflected in the polls because of sites like RealClearPolitics. Their average is dominated by two tracking polls, Gallup and Rasmussen. These two tracking polls is lowering the perception of Obama’s lead by manipulating daily releases. Take a look at the additional pollsters history. Clearly you can see how Gallup and Rasmussen polls have managed to keep Obama’s average below 4%. I have been able to predict with fair accuracy releases by these two pollsters when another poll shows Obama with a lead of 5% or better. How low will they go? As you can see, they have went as far as to put McCain ahead by 4%. This valve like function has been going on since the primaries.

In the media, MSNBC is taking the lead in representing the worse bias toward Obama. On many occasions they seem to contrive debates with stronger points being made for McCain. In the provided link, you can clearly see the so-called Democratic strategist did not put up much of a argument for Obama. Having this much manipulation power can deliver a strong measure of control. To control the opposition is one thing, but to control pro and con of an issue is manipulation gone propaganda and has given the right-wing media a nasty advantage not matched by the Democrats.

I am not surprised they have enlisted the so-called evangelist. The Republicans have enjoyed their support for years, and the last I checked it has not changed. Maybe Obama should write this group off and chalk this up as experience.


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