Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gun Control Or No Gun Control: The Real Solution Begs For More

I hope the initial battle to establish gun control does not dominate the issue surrounding mass shootings.If it does, the problem will not be solved. While I would be the first to say we need to take a serious look at how a terrible arsenal is made available to the wrong people, I would also be the first to say more is needed to solve the mass shooting problem.
Every indication concerning the shooters in all these recent shootings points to a lethal time bomb in people dealing with mental health problems. Gun control or no gun control resolve will not address the sudden explosive nature of the person who starts a fire and waits for it victims to arrive. Every factor should be addressed, for I know we don't want to keep burying innocent victims. We can't afford to let this problem be passed off as a simple gun control issue.”


Monday, December 17, 2012

“Starting The Dialog For Solutions

Funny, when you talk about taking guns out of the hands of would be killers, the conservatives come out of the wood works. On this site, I have never seen so many conservative comments grouped together for an issue. Is it so bad to begin the conversation or dialog to bring about a solution to the tragedy that lead to the death of innocent children, teachers and rescuers?

We need to start the dialog for bringing this senseless killings to an end. I am not willing to stop the solution process because it conflicts with a farmers nuisance license. Can we have a solution to the killings of so many innocent human beings, and still allow a hunter or farmer shoot his deer? Or, can we, as a nation, be silenced by the threat of Civil War because we simply want to stop killings like this from happening over and over again?

This is America; I think we have the courage to step up and find a solution to this issue. This should not be a "win a game" exercise. No one person should be expected to solve this issue. We must all come to the table with the sincere intent to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. For the kids and adults that died, we can SOLVE


Saturday, December 08, 2012

We Have Just Entered The Pre-Trial Phase Of This Case

I want to first say this is a very sad and unfortunate event. Nobody wants this kind of thing to happen. I hope intent to kill and full weight of a fun moment turned tragic is given to all involved. As it stands, Josh Brent has just moved into the trial by public phase, and I am certain any juror will be influenced by it. Some events belong out of the headlines. These events are gray in nature. By "gray" I mean not a clear cut verdict until the facts are presented.

My point is I find it hard to unfairly charge someone's child, imprison someone's child and sadly lose someone's child. This is coming from somebody who can only imagine if that were my child, lost or tried in a court of law. There can be no winners in this situation; however, there must be a healing process that creates and initiates a bonding process that brings a potential for us to be a little closer to each other.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

“The Real Truth Leaks Out

I can't see how Mitt Romney and camp can say they were going to win the presidential election. By the time the end of campaign season came around, Romney was lying at a rate unprecedented in American politics. It did not look and feel it was coming from someone who was winning an election. Instead, it seemed Romney was trying to find something, anything, that will put him contention at the last minute.

As time goes by, sometimes the truth leaks out, even if you live in a protected Bubble. This is one of those times. The truth be said no serious presidential candidate can lie as much as Romney did and not be subject to adverse consequences. In this case, Romney loss a 7 year bid for the WH and he knew it, he paid to know it, and I am sure,in the end, he was told the awful truth of it.


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Run Of The Mouth Disease

John Sununu has a disease; it is called run of the mouth disease, for which, he got from Mitt Romney. Run of the mouth disease symptoms include the following:

1. Lying -- for which you recant later, recanting can occur in one hour to two years
2. Endless Insulting of any and all Democrats -- can be but not limited to minorities.
3. A need to affirm your sense of being powerful when you are not -- presented in an annoying presence before TV cameras as you call others names. Name calling can be in rant form.

A word of caution here. run of the mouth disease is extremely contagious and has be known to affect members of the Republican Party. Lying seems to be the main way people catch this disease,so anyone can catch it. The prognosis for this disease is extreme insignificance followed by isolation from politics for the remainder of your Parties existence.


If John Sununu Can Do The Job I Can Do It Better

In every TV interview John Sununu has been in, he has behaved as if he were on the back of a school bus in a name "capping" session. Recall the comment he made concerning Colin Powel and President Obama. He never quites, and in another TV interview, he made the claim President Obama's supporters only support him because he gives them food stamps. The question to whether he should step down has already been made. I am serious, skin heads can make racially charged comments, for exciting the extreme fringe is all he is good for. Sununu does not belong in a civil format.

I fault the MSM for his continued existence. They, mainly Fox News, normalize his comments as if it is a opposing opinion. As a Black man, I would be federal expressed off the TV if I made the type of comments Sununu makes. He gets a pass; thus, he is still available to make another offensive comment.


Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Danger Of Being Around A Suicidal Person

The first thing most want to do when someone feels bad enough to take their own life is to help them. It's almost a natural reaction, and it speaks to the very nature of how we bond with one another. When you see a small child crying, most will move to that child to comfort that child, and by doing so, you become the child's friend and savior, and you get a boost in your good ego. However, know this: if someone is truly suicidal, they may be in the mind set of not caring about their life nor yours. This is why you see so many stories like the one associated with this post. The suicidal person kills himself and those around them

My Mother used to tell me: "never make someone mad enough to want to hurt you. You never know how that person solves their issues."

When you bring both of the dynamics above together, you have an increased chance of a very tragic situation -- a situation that has filled the newspaper pages and TV news reports in America. How many times have you read or watched a news report about a killing followed by a suicide? Bottom line here is it is easy to want to help someone who is deeply hurt enough to want to kill themselves, but it may not be the wises thing to do, and it could be the last thing you do.