Sunday, August 05, 2007

It’s Time We Talk About The Attack On Congressional And Senatorial Democrats

With only eight months in their leadership role, there is a force destroying the efforts of the Democratic Party. The Republicans see big losses in 2008, so they have “taken off the gloves” and begun to fight like they were fighting for their very existence. The Republicans control two three branches of power: The unofficial media, the executive and the judiciary.

Unlike anytime I can remember, the Republicans own the press, and they serve to mis-characterize Democratic representatives, support Bush’s wild assertions, and coordinate with the president to maximize their efforts against the Democrats. At every turn, the media is becoming ever more conservative as they compete for Fox’s title of the most conservative cable TV network. CNN and MSNBC all highlight conservatives causes all day long. This fact has forced the Democrats and the far left to the Blogs and the internet for their campaign adds. In short, the media is wilding a lot of power for the Republicans and the Bush administration.

Have you ever wondered what the overthrow of our government would look like? Would it be a slow process — slowly disregarding the core constitutional laws of our country by a president — by which the use of executive privilege is the primary tool used to initiate the overthrow process? Would the funding for such a project be masked in a eight Billion, we don’t know where the money went, dollar write off involving the Iraqi war? One law here; another law there, and before you know it, you have a subtle dictatorship. Think about the times we are in as I note this comment. The executive branch is too powerful and will not except any checks to its powers. This fact sounds like a DICTATORSHIP, and the worst could be yet to come. Bush has made Democratic congressmen look like puppets that he adjust by pulling strings. Bush’s biggest ally is his Party. Right now they are obstructing every legislative attempt by Democrats only to call them a do nothing congress later. Hell, this has worked so good some of the Democrats own members are calling themselves losers. The Democrats never scene this move coming and still cannot see the dynamics surrounding their leaders.

When the Democrats do get fed up with this president’s manipulation and power grabbing tactics, they have hope the courts — the supreme court — will make the laws of the land prevail. This branch of government is important to the scheme of things, but not the absolute force affecting the power dynamics everyday. When they do weight in on things, it will become evident why Bush stacked the courts. If Bush were to be charged with any crimes it will become very evident why the courts were stacked. Still, I hold a bit of hope for this branch to say enough is enough and not let our country be destroyed by anybody for any reason.


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