Monday, September 08, 2008

The Narrative Flood

Crooks and Liars » Barack Obama: “They Must Think You’re Stupid”

I have noted this once before, but it might work if I note it three times: The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative. Since the success of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN have all leaned to the right when delivering the news. This affects what polls they reference, who they bring on their shows, and, most of all, what they try to pass off as fact. Since the Republican convention, there has been a strong narrative John McCain, with the help of Super Palin, has caught up to and pass Barack Obama.

Maybe I am blind, but I don’t see how in the hell the Republican convention was more exciting then the Democratic convention. At best, I could barely stay awake to watch the dull list of speakers coming out of their convention. As a black person, I could not find anyone in the convention my color so it was very hard to get a “fit in” feeling. However, when you have three major news agencies running a conservative narrative Sarah Palin has galvanized their Party, it is easy to get the impression Obama is loosing ground.

The Palin Affect

Sarah Palin is one step away from total collapse of her political career. This lady has made it known she plans to have little to do with the press. If you take into account all that is being said about her, you would not go before a camera either. Maybe all the things they say are not true, but I willing to bet a lot of it is. Today, they were talking about her religious believe to speak in tongs.

The Palin Affect is media created, media supported and very overstated. Most everyone I talk to think this lady is a joke. The women think about her 4 month old Down Syndrome child at home being taken care of by a nanny or their oldest daughter. That scenario does not advance a positive picture of a devoted Mother because she is on the trail bashing Obama. I ask: where would you be with a four month old baby? Man or women. And speaking of her oldest daughter, I get an image of a true “shotgun” wedding. The would be husband looks like a baby. Forget about running for VP; get your house in order. That is the theme Obama should be using when the Palin question is asked.


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