Friday, December 29, 2006

Will We Kill All The Killers?

Americans, and that includes me, have a silly tendency. Here we have a poll showing Saddam Hussien is not hated as much as our own murderous president, and we will do everything we can to minimize this reality. How silly; how convenient this is.

Yes, President Bush has blood on his hand. This explains why he will not change his views on why we went to war. He knows any change in his reason for going to war would accompany a charge of genocide. This man is responsible for many lives that had nothing to do with Saddam, harming Americans, or fighting our armed forces.

Why so many had to die for nothing has escaped scrutiny of the American consciousness. We continue to feel we are righteous liberators of a repressive regime, avoiding an ugly image associated with killing innocents.

Now we have come down to killing Saddam. Will we measure ourselves different? Will our media machine work overtime washing their part in hyping the killing of innocents as something non-important, or even worse, not reporting it at all?

What we have admitted to we called it collateral damage. The name alone dehumanizes the seriousness of killing human beings.

How long will our lie hold?


Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Is Out

I want so much to do something to stop this administration's policies from killing one more person.

I was almost in tears when I heard our president consider it important to wait until January before he delivers a solution to the Iraqi situation.

If it is a crime to be an accessory to murder, what is this? Surely, many will die if there is a delay to any problems concerning the Iraqi situation. Yet, when Bush does give his so-called solution to the Iraqi problem, and he states it will save lives, no one will dare ask him why in the hell did you wait until January.

This is serious, and yes, lives are at stake, Iraqis, Americans and allies. It's no wonder Bush's is loosing core allied support.

We must bring this problem into the proper focus. We deserve a solution NOW.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pink Elephant Theory

From the first day we set foot in Iraq the second time, we have did nothing to improve Iraq's position in their region. I would argue our part in the Iraqi problem eludes debate or recognition.

We have tore the country apart, and the Iraqis should be so thankful for that. From above, we have dropped death in untold numbers. The exact figure is being debated in cold third party terms. Almost as if we were referring to something less then human. Certainly less then our troops, who we call "our boys."

So what makes insurgency? Could the term "collateral damage" illicit a clue? No mention of this dynamic in the study group, or at lease, I have yet to hear any mention of the loss of innocent life.

Republicans and Democrats seem to accept the vagary around the collateral damage issue. Somehow, in a child like way, grown adults play a "out of sight out of mind" game that places the ugliness of what collateral damage has done out of their consciousness.

The Study Group needs to address the collateral damage factor with just as much intensity as whether we should pull our troops out of Iraq. Until we have, our collateral damage will enlist mama, daddy, brother, sister and dog as insurgents against the US. What would you do if someone kill your child for no good reason or any reason for that matter.


Monday, December 04, 2006

What Are We Doing?

With all that has been said about this war, I have yet to understand fully why we fight. In fact, I fail to see why America finds it acceptable to kill so many innocent civilians under a dehumanized term such as "collateral damage."

Camelot times with Martin Luther King's dreams filled my naive view of the world with good intentions to make the world a better place. So what happened: I grew up.

Never a time has life been so cruel to wake up in a world different from the day before it. Suddenly knowing what this country is truly capable of doing in its righteous arrogance, that, for which some would call genocide, we would be responsible for so much death.

This war in nothing but a show for the military brass, who are bent on making war films for the next generation, complete with the latest "smart ass bombs" that underestimated the damage it causes. So much so, we had to create a category for the people killed by their destruction.

No, I am not worried about the radical Muslims taking over our country. I am more worried about what collateral damage and smart ass bombs has done to civilians.