Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Surge: A Long Campaign Of Lies

Crooks and Liars » Surge success “beyond our wildest dreams?”

Time has not served this issue well. What has been forgotten plays a important part in this issue. There was a pre Surge campaign to make the case for a need to address Al Qaeda in Iraq. Most Americans watched the campaigned and mistook it for actual news.

In May of 2007, I recall addressing whether there was a significant fighting force to warrant a Surge. After being told Al Qaeda only accounted for 2% of the violence in Iraq, I found it hard to believe a Surge of 30,000 troops the best way to address the stated problem. So, night after night, Al Qaeda became the headline for everything wrong in Iraq. At the time, I pleaded with people to pay attention to the campaign of Al Qaeda’s overstated involvement.

There was a ghostly presence concerning Al Qaeda combatants. I have never scene one. This enemy combatant must be camera shy. In WWII, you saw pictures of the enemy — soldiers, units, combat footage complete with the save the day hero. “WHERE IS THE GODDAMMIT PROOF?” With all the victory claims, there must be some proof of the battles it took to “win this thing.” There is none.

What stopped the violence amounted to paying the combatants off. We did not need a Surge for distributing the cash. With the unaccounted for 9 billion dollar in Iraq, there was talk about giving money away from the back of a pick up truck. No, you don’t need 30,000 troops to give money away. I guess they could make a case for guarding the money but that too is unlikely.

How easy it was for this administration to claim victory resulting from the Surge. In the first place, they did not make a good enough case to have a Surge. They certainly have not proved they needed on. They usually have a “smart bomb fest,” complete with footage of precise hits that claim their targets and the innocent population around it, or should we call the innocent “collateral damage.”

One way to win this argument is to address the phony way they went about creating the need to have a Surge. Also, request for battle footage, complete with one fire fight with Al Qaeda. Not “expected” Al Qaeda combatants, but the reason we needed the Surge Al Qaeda combatants.


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