Thursday, May 24, 2007

Will We Ever Connect The Dots?

From the run up to this war, to the continued waste of human life, we have not connected a logical series of dots that would explain and free us from this war.

We know the truth; I almost hate to say it because its been said so much. There were know WMDs, which were the primary reason given for going into this war. Well get this. Today, our president reflected on what he told Saddam Hussein he needed to do to prevent this war. Give up the WMDs and disarm. I recall Hussein's officials frantically denying any existence of WMDs or any plans to acquire them. Our president had the nerve to say it was Hussein's choice to go to war because he would not heed his warnings.

The saddest thing concerning Bush's reflection is he could not say there were no WMDs, and he was wrong. After 600,000 lives loss, this Mother f*cker is still talking as though he found the WMDs. Hell, look at the video just before this one. He is either drinking or in denial so deep he cannot face any reality associated with the massive loss of human life. He has to obtain some sense of glory or he has to face the fact he is the same murderer Hussein is.

Even more sadder then Bush's inability to accept the truth is the media's inability to report the most obvious portion of the speech he gave today. This man said Hussein's failure to heed his warnings and disarm resulted in him losing his life. No one reported this obvious inability to trace the most important factors concerning this war. This is a man who is the most powerful person in this world.

I employ everyone to look at the video concerning Bush's attempt to insert Al Qaeda in Iraq, just before this one. Tell me what would do you say about this reality?

Lastly, I apologize for this post being so scattered. When I see the kind of ugly-ness shown in this video, I get pissed off and emotionally driven.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

They Hope He Does Not Run

The Republicans are scared shitless of Al Gore. Behind Gore's current fame lies an formidable opponent for which the Republicans cannot match with their current slate of candidates.

Since Gore left the political arena, he has increased his speaking abilities two fold. Gore can move people with his motivational style of speaking better than anyone currently running for president. This is a fact not known by most Democrats. I personally feel Gore speaks better then Barack Obama and Clinton. That puts him up there with the best.

Gore would be the ideal candidate to address the abuses of the Oil companies. Who better to lead the fight against the Oil Companies and the cable news companies who have taken to the airways twice an hour telling their viewers to believe the Oil companies absurd reasoning for high prices. MSNBC should be boycotted for this kind of propaganda.

In all, Gore is the man for my money. I am very sure America will respond to his motivational style. Lets go Gore.


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

False Comparisons Make Way For Killing Field

There has been a up tic in claims Al Qaeda is behind much of the killing in Iraq. In most news coming out of Iraq about attacks on Americans and civilians, there has been an overuse of the word "suspected to be" and "sources say" Al Qaeda is behind the attacks on American solders. Because we stop going after the people who brought down the two towers, Bush has taken a lot of heat. This heat has brought about attempts to make the case Al Qaeda has taking over Iraq. The premise Al Qaeda is behind all and every attack coming out of Iraq is another way of asking permission to kill more Iraqis. Many Americans want to see Al Qaeda whipped off the face of the earth.

There are two important facts about this current attempt to strengthen the claim Al Qaeda is firmly embedded in Iraq:

1. The first is now the war in Iraq is now connected to 911. Yes, they are trying to make the case we cannot leave Iraq because Al Qaeda is there. How is that for making it so? If you cannot find Al Qaeda, bring Al Qaeda to Iraq.

2. The other reason is the only way they can really do something about the violence in Iraq is to address the direct true elements causing the war. Since the Bush administrations say there is no civil war, they have got to find a way to eliminate one side of the civil war. Thus, any over kill can be assumed to be Al Qaeda's demise. This amounts to creating a killing field.

The Bush administration cannot do this alone. They need someone to disburse this lie Al Qaeda is behind all the killing in Iraq. Enter the media: Fox news and the Fox wantabees. Look for a lot of "framing the issue" kind of news. CSPAN's Washington Journal will do it with a question: Should we leave Iraq if Al Qaeda is so entrenched in the Iraq?

The lies and misdirection concerning this war never seem to stop. Before believing anything coming out Iraq, it is almost a must to second guess its content.


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