Friday, May 07, 2010

Misinformation: Fox Is Not The Only One

While most of the world is would pride themselves on a steady path of growth,the MSM seems to be in another world. Watching the news from most of the media is a challenge to one's reality. It often counter to the real story and is more like it was just plain made up.

While watching the story about the sudden drop in the stock market yesterday, it was clear the reality surrounding what happen was simple: Instead of typing a "M" for million, someone typed a "B" for million. How long does it take to say why the drop happened? Time yourself while you read the previous statement.

Most,if not all, cover news in this way and it makes no sense unless they have an alternate agenda. In the next clip the outstanding moment of winning the Noble Peace prize is altered to be a minus. This is framing an issue from the core.

For once It would be nice to read or view what an issue is not what it is framed to be. In today's media, the agenda is right-winged and often supported by the major network reported it. And the say the bias is from the left. Show me.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where Is the Proof For The GOP Resurgence

For the last 6 months, every mainstream TV news network has been trying to frame the GOP resurgence. The worse has bee Cris Matthews. On every show he trots out some specialist or weak Democratic strategist to confirm the upcoming Democratic demise. There is one important missing element involving a GOP resurgence: Proof.

So, far every, with exception of one, Quinnipiac University Poll, all polls say the Democrats are winning the American people's support. I hope we are not headed for the old "vote and switch" Republican led ripoff.

The fact-less claim has been stated enough you would think it is a truth, and that is the whole objective. And they say the MSM is a Liberal bias. You could of fooled me.