Wednesday, September 10, 2008

US Investment In Terror And Deception

Crooks and Liars » Woodward on 60 Minutes: Military generals opposed surge

I have written about this very dynamic: The need for this administration to create a killing field in Iraq. There was no significant fighting Al Qaeda force in Iraq. The US was dealing with a civil war, and the only way they could quell the violence was to eliminate one of the civilian forces. This administration did two significant things to create their modern day killing field:

1. They launched a campaign to hype up Al Qaeda in Iraq. After making the claim that Al Qaeda only represented 2% of violence in the region, with the help of the media, they started attributing every shooting, kidnapping, and fire fight to America’s number one enemy: Those bad boys who brought down the two towers. At one point, I did not think we were talking about the same Al Qaeda. However, keep in mind, there are no pictures of battles coming out of Iraq because there were none. No pictures and no WWII like battles to show we were “winning this thing.”

2. I admit this is a week point, but I think Bob Woodward’s latest book eludes to it. There was some sort of special force killing campaign that scared the shit out of the insurgent leaders. This special project, along with the stop of our smart ass bomb killings that did everything they were made for and more stopped the violence in Iraq. They had to stop using the smart bomb technology because it not only hit their targets but everything around it. When American technology started killing innocent men, women and babies, they never reported this side affect concerning their smart ass weapons. I know if you kill my child, I am your next enemy, along with my brother, sister, father and dog.

The only way we will come close to learning about the facts concerning what we did to stop the violence in Iraq is to elect Barack Obama. The facts will stay hidden otherwise. John McCain might even celebrate with more killings. I can’t bare to contemplate that reality.


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