Monday, April 30, 2007

Who Will Connect The Dots Now?

This has got to be the 64 billion dollar question: Can we now, based on FACTS, bring all of our "dots" together to make a case for impeachment? If not please state why _________________.

This statement or question is for the media as well as the public. Some how, there is a "ghost block" preventing this country from acting in a rational manner.

This president is responsible for killing close to 1 million people, and yet we don't even want to say the word IMPEACHMENT. Our congress, senate, judges, Generals, and voting public have been educated from the best schools this world has to offer, and they cannot "connect these dots" that now stand out like an emergency signal. Some how we have put a regulator on the truth in this country. One big example of that is the FACT there was no WMDs, but there is still 29% of Americans who want to KILL anyway. What the hell is really going on? I say take a deep breath, and examine what you could never get away with as a citizen. This country needs to drop this notion that we have to "Win This Thing." WIN WHAT. The right to kill more innocent Iraqis, or shell I say "collateral damagees."

Yes, now there is talk about putting a "strong" man in Iraq to quiet the warring factions. After that is done, then they will place a democratic government in power. What they really mean is kill untold thousands more Iraqis to wipe out anyone not fighting for the Americans. After the killing is done, then, yes you guessed it, we continue to close our eyes as we have been doing.

It's coming to this rage in me, and I just don't want to take it anymore. We were once a proud nation in my life time. To see that image wiped out in 6 years have hurt me more then my personal life losses. This has got to stop.


Friday, April 27, 2007

What Car Bombs!

I have heard everything. Now, the Bush administration has stop counting car bombs. No wonder Bush has been claiming there has been a drop in violence since the surge.

There has been a surge in media propaganda. CNN's Michael Ware has toned down his bleak assessment of the Iraqi troop occupation to say, in affect, in spite of our solders being picked off in a military quagmire, we should still continue our occupation of Iraq. To see Ware and Kyra Phillips sitting in a chair side by side resembled two kids being chastised for saying bad things.

Ware contends "we broke it; we have got to fix it." This brings into question is there a inherent biases associated with interacting with military personal. With so much emotional realities about, the opportunity to bond is increased ten fold. People bond through emotions. 9/11 will contest to that. To have our troops, Iraqi troops and the Iraqi civilian population dying around you, the moment to bond is as common as air.

The other side of this is the wantabee like Fox dynamic being carried out by the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. These networks compete 24-7 for the conservative markets that spend big advertising dollars. Yes there is money behind this shit too.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Huckabee Line

I just watched Governor Huckabee increasing the fear ante by using a genocidal hypothetical should we withdraw our troops. This means the Republicans have already made any negative outcome associated with a US withdrawal from Iraq with be the fault of the Democrats. A prediction that will come true no matter when we leave.

Now, the Republicans feel they have the rational for not acting in the will of the American people. "It might come down to doing what is right, in spite of what the polls say. We cannot leave the Middle East to a ethnic cleansing or genocide," Huckabee said. That is fear with a capital "F." You don't get anymore phonier than that; I just hope the American people can see this overused tactic.

We need to tell the president and the Republicans to save the fear for a useful Halloween. For once we must ask the Republicans to say what they mean without fear. I am willing to bet they will change the subject quick; real quick.

At every opportunity, we must give our representatives who are doing what they were put into office to do our support. That support does not always have to come in the form of money. If you dispel a talking point, deliver inspiration, or volunteer you time, you will be doing your part to right the wrongs of the pass 6 to 12 years.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Is Responsible

How can we say we improved the Iraqi's standard of living? The US has made a mess out of Iraq. No hype. This is the real consequences of our actions: We have brought nothing but death, destruction and pure hell to the Iraqi civilian population.

What can we "win" from this situation? Have we even defined victory in Iraq? I hope Bush's intention are noble because, I will not support any attempt to steal Iraq's oil.

The sad thing is we have already did so much to ruin Iraqi lives. Many of the civilian will be messed up for their short time on this earth. I am not sure the average American really gives a dime for the suffering Iraqi.

We don't even acknowledge Iraqi loss in the same way we acknowledge our own. Since we have been in this war, the number of Iraqis killed on a daily bases far out number American solders. It is almost like we have dehumanized Iraqi life just enough so Americans back at home will not be outraged at the staggering losses brought on by OUR involvement in Iraq. Could that be why we called Iraqi civilian loss "collateral damage?"

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope the unnecessary killing and destruction stops soon before it reaches genocidal preportions -- if it has not already.


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Developing Reality Perspective

Paul Rieckhoff exposes a disconnect between propaganda and the truth. While the White House is working hard to minimize realities, they could crate a situation that kills more Americans.

This whole thing is sad. Bush is incompetent and should not be running this war from "his" commander and chief position. I state this with a sense of urgency because I, like Harry Reid, don't want another drop of blood lost to this senseless and unnecessary war. The loss is too precious, and President Bush appears to be "winging" his position as the leader to the most powerful nation in the world.

If the Bush administration, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the press won't force the reality perspective, we as activist and voters must make it the dominant conversation in the Blogging world and any other medium we can use. I know I am serious enough to remove the denial that keeps us in this horrible war and put in its place a truth's perspective to what lead to this war, what motives we use to stay in this war, and what realities make it necessary to remove our troops from this no win scenario.

We must keep the logic flow simple. What we say and continue to see did and is happening. No more rational explanation based in a small avenue of doubt. When the truth is looking at you, call it what it is, not what someone else explains what it is. In short, this war must end.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Media's Senseless Agenda

The media is in need of a serious overhaul.

News has taken a
serious "hit" to the quality of their objective, reporting and
fairness. Since the Fox news success with conservative audiences, CNN
and MSNBC has actively positioned themselves to compete with the big
money Fox enjoys. This is a fact not an opinion.

The unfairness associated with media's move to the right has no equal
dynamic to counter the now flooded cheep format right-wing news
generates. Even CSPAN practices a right-wing format on their
Washington Journal. CSPAN is in so much denial about their move to the
right, and as a result, they tend to play a patronizing concept to

So, when you get the feeling the news host or
commentator is being unfair, he/she probably are. Actually, the
arrogance that accompanies the conservative formats is insulting to
one's intelligence. CSPAN's call in structure is set up to give the
impression the country is split down the middle on all conservative vs
liberal debate issues. They have one phone line for the right, one phone line for
the left, and one phone line for the independent. About 70% percent of their
guest are conservative. They often make a request for conservative
callers only without doing the same for the left at an equal rate.

When you hear the right claiming we live in a left-wing bias news monopoly,
it's not true. They call the right wing claim "playing the ref."

For the left, the fight to regain balance is not just in the executive
branch of government. It is the media routed strongly, so they have
their work "cut out" for them to even the political play field.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lies vr Reality

I hope the Bush administration and our military are not becoming victims of their own propaganda. Along the lines of believing their own lies, I hope they have not created a alternate reality that is too far from what is really going on in Iraq.

Maybe they were all out looking for cheep rugs. You have to believe a lot of energy has to spent to keep the lies about this war believable. This effort may be the very thing that is keeping our military from being affective.So, have we sent our solders to Iraq to become fresh meat for the insurgency to pick off ten at a time -- as opposed to one at a time?

Yes we may well be mind screwing ourselves for the sake of rugs and propaganda.I don't think this is funny at all. But when you look at the outrages statements and comments being made by the right-wing congressional and senatorial representatives visiting our troop, you have to make them aware of shit for brains comments and statements they bring back to the American people.

It is really becoming evident, we cannot ask our troops to hold out until the surge starts to "kick in." Every life is too precious to factor in the lost of human life for success in Iraq. This war must stop and, in it's place, a serious effort, grounded in the truth, must be put in its place.

Yes, we broke it and must own it, but I will be dam if we have to do stupid shit to fulfill a group of war mongers desire to "win this thing."If we want victory, it will have to take on peaceful attributes design to problem solve this terrible situation we have created.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Many Drum Beats Of Iraq

I have come to the conclusion we have not grasped the magnitude surrounding every contributing element fueling this war. With the understated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi protesting on the anniversary of this war, a clear message was sent to America to get out of Iraq.

Does the United States military have to suffer a slaughter to see was is so clearly on the horizon? I sure hope not, but sometimes if you see your strengths from another ankle you empower yourself or objectives.

With our so-called smart bombs, we have killed a many innocents. This fact alone is responsible for brother, sister, mother, father, uncle and the dog becoming insurgents. Multiply that dynamic by 4 years and you have insurgency from hell.

I don't know about you, but it takes more than the desire to "win this thing" for me to be patriotic about this war. I refuse to get behind this president for a "pick of the week" rational for killing so many. I am not sure if the supporters of this war even know what they want. They say we need to "win this thing" and in the next statement proclaim it's the Iraqi responsibility to defend their own country. So is "Winning this Thing" training the Iraqis to defend their land? If so, why do we need the show of so much force? Hell, we can train them and go home. What a sweet victory that will be.

I remember a unprecedented move to train our military in civilian crowd control tactics. This happen last year and it was controversial because it was considered a move that could give the executive branch too much power. I feared it was Bush's slow move to a dictatorship.

As it stands, 70% of the American people want this war over with. The other 30% want to "win this thing." I don't know about you, but it looks like we may be headed down the road I feared. Bush refuses to hear the will of the American people and is lining up to make moves on other countries like Iran and Syria.

When Will we say enough Mr Bush it's time to listen to the American voice to stop this war?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is It Now Over?

Don Imu's actions was a very difficult complex story to write on. In one way, I wanted to say give the guy a break, let him say he's sorry and go back to work.

While having that fleeting opinion, Don Imus blurted out "you people" on the Al Sharpton radio show. He then went on to say black rappers were,in part, the reason he made the statement.I then changed my opinion and sentiments to maybe he does bare some unpopular racial views. Often, people who have negative racial feelings toward a group or race, qualify their good actions as proof they don't have any racial problems: "Some of by best friends are black."

Still, as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton made this a national outrage, I could help but feel this was still not being addressed in a fair manor.

There has been shock jocks who offend minorities, handicaps, homosexuals and the elderly. Why has it taken Jackson and Sharpton, and the rest of the do gooders, so long to say this kind of speech is hurtful?

Can we say Bill O'Reilly, Russ Limbaugh, Mike Savage and the many others right-wing hate mongers, have not crossed the very line Imus in being fried for?

I truly hope what comes out of this a better standard to hold the shock jock to. After this, maybe it will be harder for someone to say the things that shock and offend others. Nobody given the power to reach the masses in the way Imus could should be allowed to spread hatred. Not just Don Imus and rappers.