Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Sheet Smelling Media Is At It Again

Crooks and Liars » David Gregory: Broader implications for the party

Ask yourself, do you inquire about your co-workers sex life or extra marital affairs? Does it concern you who your boss sleeps with? Would you wait outside a house, a hotel, or in the back of a car to find out who is having sex? If you did, you would be considered a pervert. This is in affect what the media does when they play got-ya with celebrity’s sex life.

I don’t give a shit who some one is f_ _ king, S _ _ king or playing patty cake with. It is their life, and I will give them respect because I want the same. If they are not messing with children, they have an adult right to be left alone.

What the media does amounts to sheet smelling. Most of them have the same kind of sexual habits as the very people they smear. If America stop playing the got-ya game with this strange obsession with the media, maybe there will a true transition of news focus to doing what they were created to do: REPORT THE DAM NEWS.


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