Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overlooked Reality

We as voters play along with a strange reality. First I ask: How long has Barack Obama been in the Senate? In all that time, has something as strong as wanted to take Israel off the map ever came up? Now here is the real irony: After know what we know about Obama, why would we let attack after attack, rent space in our heads?

It does not make any sense to have go through this dance of character assassination throughout the whole campaign. What is even more baffling is sometimes it works. Yes, John Kerry would be the first to tell you it worked. Yet,in a surreal fashion after the election, everything returned to prior status. Almost like we were playing a childs game to "throw a lick and make it stick," and when it was over, we went back to our seats and sat down.

Even now, John McCain is still playing the "make it stick game" and not having much luck with it. As a result, the McCain camp is flirting with the most hostile emotion of them all: Hatred. Yes, the number one displaced emotion is the most workable one used by politicians like the Republican brand running for office this year. Talk about shaking hands with the devil, the McCain and Palin team is all up in the devil's house.

So, taking a growing leap forward for the next election, lets check this shit at the very beginning of the campaign so we can deal with issues and how candidates will handle them. The Republicans can be made to be responsible for their statements as well as their actions. You should not be able to lie and rationalize you way out of the lie with the claim you are exercising your freedom of speech. It is time to grow-up and move pass this ugly practice.


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