Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: Republicans Walk Out On Crisis Meetings

Crooks and Liars » As Predicted: Tucker Bounds tries to say that McCain is responsible for breaking the bailout stalemate

The clock is running out, we are few minutes from total disaster. As a special agent of economics, John McCain has been dispatched to Washington to resolve all issues hindering the emergency measures to save this country from disaster. So, what happens?

As soon as special agent McCain arrives at the meeting site, all eyes are on him. McCain sits besides his leader, along with other Republican Party members, and takes a picture. Soon after the picture session, the talks break down and the same picture taking Republicans walk out of the last minute meeting to avoid disaster.

If you are human, and of average intelligence, you are confused as hell. Special agent McCain was supposed to clean up any problems in the way of solving this crisis. So far, he was only been there to watch his Party walk out of the talks all together.

Will special agent McCain take his ass to the debate where he belongs? Hell no, he has got to make this work. So, somehow, someway, he as got to make the Democrats look bad, then, with the blessing of his commander and chief, he resume his primary assignment to be a candidate for president.


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