Friday, November 24, 2006

To The Point

In the Iraqi war madness, why did I not hear Al Qaeda's name? Al Qaeda, Bush and his supporters claim, holds the key to the violence in Iraq.

The fighting mounts, and Al Qaeda cannot be found. How long can the Bush administration and its war generals keep this perception of Iraq being the front line on Terror? They seemed to mistake the word terrible with terror. Terrible it is.

I would not want my kid to give his/her life for this civil war that does not represent my freedom or safety. What is really going on?


Thursday, November 23, 2006

We All Knew Something Was Wrong

Rumsfeld is but one card in Bush's deck. I recall speculating the Bush dynasty would not make it through the second term without being impeached for something we have yet to discover. I still make that claim.

The partisan Congress and Senate Bush enjoyed falsely encouraged his power dynamic. Bush developed an air of invincibility as he pulled right up to edge of illegal tactics with his torture and surveillance tactics. Plenty would say he went over the illegal line.

Now, its apparent Bush as not got a clue on what to do with Iraq. He expects to force the Democrats to take the blame by playing a post election game called "what will the Democrats do."

Well, I am a Democrat, and I can tell you what we should not do. Democrats should not let Bush or the Republicans make them look like fools solving the war problems this president created without the information and intelligence only this administration has been cleared for.

First things first, we need to stop our killing of innocent civilians in the name of "collateral damage." Even I have lost the high level of pride I once held for this country’s military. 600,000 collateral killings are over by about 599,000 because we should not be in Iraq to begin with.

America get ready. This war will not end cleanly. In fact, unless we find away out of this hell soon, we will lose more than pride. I say lets cut our losses and theirs and run. Fast.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Win What Thing?

Really "lets win this thing" does not sound like a strategy to me. In fact, I am not sure what "win" constitutes when it comes to Iraq. Nor am I sure what or who "thing" is. I do know this: 603,000 total lives have been lost in the name of "winning this thing," and 600,000 of those who lost their lives get to be called "collateral damage."

I would like to see the American public back the execution of Saddam Hussein for killing between 30,000 to 60,000 Iraqi people for whatever reason, without coming to the conclusion we have did worse in the name of "winning this thing."

All loss of life has one thing in common: it's over. This country and other countries that seem to hold their military objectives above humane responsibility have missed a very important consideration. You can't kill innocent people in the name of something stupid.

In WWII, the situation was different. This is no WWII. In fact, the reason for this Iraqi war was generated for less than emergency reasons. No, the first order of business for the new Democratic congress should not be oversight. It should be to stop the killing in our name and put substance to the objective "lets win this thing."


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Face It Don't Create It

There is a very important truth concerning denial the Republicans don't seem to get. It's not a river in Egypt. Everyone knows that line except the Republicans.

Do you think it will take them 2 years to understand the importance of being truthful to reality and self? I know one thing: They should stop getting on national prime time TV obviously fooling themselves to the facts surrounding their lost of congressional power.

The Republicans got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Take the cookie out of their mouths and examine why it is important to ask for the cookie. Don't continue to slam the cookies in your mouth. I learned this lesson in my early years.

So far, before the campaign, during the campaign, and after the campaign, the Republicans continue to spin every issue before them. You cannot deal with reality when you don't acknowledge it. You can't create reality by spinning it. You must face reality to start the process of effectively dealing with it. It appears the Republicans simply need to grow up, face up, so they can begin to catch up.


Friday, November 10, 2006

The Rubber Stamp Dynamic

Excuse Nancy Pelosi if she happens to make some Republicans concerned. It should happen, we voted to make it happen, and if it does not happen, the Democrats have been tricked into starting off on the wrong foot.

With our acquired congressional power advantage, it may appear the Democrats moved the rubber stamped Republicans aside to claim the title of the bipartisan rubber stamped Party. Simple: no change, no difference in political ideology. The Democrats will be on the 2008 express train to powerlessness.

There has been too much work put into restoring balance to our government. So far the media have highlighted and framed the Republican spin: The only reason we made a big sweep on Election Day related to being like the Republicans. What a sick form of denial.