Friday, December 29, 2006

Will We Kill All The Killers?

Americans, and that includes me, have a silly tendency. Here we have a poll showing Saddam Hussien is not hated as much as our own murderous president, and we will do everything we can to minimize this reality. How silly; how convenient this is.

Yes, President Bush has blood on his hand. This explains why he will not change his views on why we went to war. He knows any change in his reason for going to war would accompany a charge of genocide. This man is responsible for many lives that had nothing to do with Saddam, harming Americans, or fighting our armed forces.

Why so many had to die for nothing has escaped scrutiny of the American consciousness. We continue to feel we are righteous liberators of a repressive regime, avoiding an ugly image associated with killing innocents.

Now we have come down to killing Saddam. Will we measure ourselves different? Will our media machine work overtime washing their part in hyping the killing of innocents as something non-important, or even worse, not reporting it at all?

What we have admitted to we called it collateral damage. The name alone dehumanizes the seriousness of killing human beings.

How long will our lie hold?


Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Is Out

I want so much to do something to stop this administration's policies from killing one more person.

I was almost in tears when I heard our president consider it important to wait until January before he delivers a solution to the Iraqi situation.

If it is a crime to be an accessory to murder, what is this? Surely, many will die if there is a delay to any problems concerning the Iraqi situation. Yet, when Bush does give his so-called solution to the Iraqi problem, and he states it will save lives, no one will dare ask him why in the hell did you wait until January.

This is serious, and yes, lives are at stake, Iraqis, Americans and allies. It's no wonder Bush's is loosing core allied support.

We must bring this problem into the proper focus. We deserve a solution NOW.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pink Elephant Theory

From the first day we set foot in Iraq the second time, we have did nothing to improve Iraq's position in their region. I would argue our part in the Iraqi problem eludes debate or recognition.

We have tore the country apart, and the Iraqis should be so thankful for that. From above, we have dropped death in untold numbers. The exact figure is being debated in cold third party terms. Almost as if we were referring to something less then human. Certainly less then our troops, who we call "our boys."

So what makes insurgency? Could the term "collateral damage" illicit a clue? No mention of this dynamic in the study group, or at lease, I have yet to hear any mention of the loss of innocent life.

Republicans and Democrats seem to accept the vagary around the collateral damage issue. Somehow, in a child like way, grown adults play a "out of sight out of mind" game that places the ugliness of what collateral damage has done out of their consciousness.

The Study Group needs to address the collateral damage factor with just as much intensity as whether we should pull our troops out of Iraq. Until we have, our collateral damage will enlist mama, daddy, brother, sister and dog as insurgents against the US. What would you do if someone kill your child for no good reason or any reason for that matter.


Monday, December 04, 2006

What Are We Doing?

With all that has been said about this war, I have yet to understand fully why we fight. In fact, I fail to see why America finds it acceptable to kill so many innocent civilians under a dehumanized term such as "collateral damage."

Camelot times with Martin Luther King's dreams filled my naive view of the world with good intentions to make the world a better place. So what happened: I grew up.

Never a time has life been so cruel to wake up in a world different from the day before it. Suddenly knowing what this country is truly capable of doing in its righteous arrogance, that, for which some would call genocide, we would be responsible for so much death.

This war in nothing but a show for the military brass, who are bent on making war films for the next generation, complete with the latest "smart ass bombs" that underestimated the damage it causes. So much so, we had to create a category for the people killed by their destruction.

No, I am not worried about the radical Muslims taking over our country. I am more worried about what collateral damage and smart ass bombs has done to civilians.

Friday, November 24, 2006

To The Point

In the Iraqi war madness, why did I not hear Al Qaeda's name? Al Qaeda, Bush and his supporters claim, holds the key to the violence in Iraq.

The fighting mounts, and Al Qaeda cannot be found. How long can the Bush administration and its war generals keep this perception of Iraq being the front line on Terror? They seemed to mistake the word terrible with terror. Terrible it is.

I would not want my kid to give his/her life for this civil war that does not represent my freedom or safety. What is really going on?


Thursday, November 23, 2006

We All Knew Something Was Wrong

Rumsfeld is but one card in Bush's deck. I recall speculating the Bush dynasty would not make it through the second term without being impeached for something we have yet to discover. I still make that claim.

The partisan Congress and Senate Bush enjoyed falsely encouraged his power dynamic. Bush developed an air of invincibility as he pulled right up to edge of illegal tactics with his torture and surveillance tactics. Plenty would say he went over the illegal line.

Now, its apparent Bush as not got a clue on what to do with Iraq. He expects to force the Democrats to take the blame by playing a post election game called "what will the Democrats do."

Well, I am a Democrat, and I can tell you what we should not do. Democrats should not let Bush or the Republicans make them look like fools solving the war problems this president created without the information and intelligence only this administration has been cleared for.

First things first, we need to stop our killing of innocent civilians in the name of "collateral damage." Even I have lost the high level of pride I once held for this country’s military. 600,000 collateral killings are over by about 599,000 because we should not be in Iraq to begin with.

America get ready. This war will not end cleanly. In fact, unless we find away out of this hell soon, we will lose more than pride. I say lets cut our losses and theirs and run. Fast.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Win What Thing?

Really "lets win this thing" does not sound like a strategy to me. In fact, I am not sure what "win" constitutes when it comes to Iraq. Nor am I sure what or who "thing" is. I do know this: 603,000 total lives have been lost in the name of "winning this thing," and 600,000 of those who lost their lives get to be called "collateral damage."

I would like to see the American public back the execution of Saddam Hussein for killing between 30,000 to 60,000 Iraqi people for whatever reason, without coming to the conclusion we have did worse in the name of "winning this thing."

All loss of life has one thing in common: it's over. This country and other countries that seem to hold their military objectives above humane responsibility have missed a very important consideration. You can't kill innocent people in the name of something stupid.

In WWII, the situation was different. This is no WWII. In fact, the reason for this Iraqi war was generated for less than emergency reasons. No, the first order of business for the new Democratic congress should not be oversight. It should be to stop the killing in our name and put substance to the objective "lets win this thing."


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Face It Don't Create It

There is a very important truth concerning denial the Republicans don't seem to get. It's not a river in Egypt. Everyone knows that line except the Republicans.

Do you think it will take them 2 years to understand the importance of being truthful to reality and self? I know one thing: They should stop getting on national prime time TV obviously fooling themselves to the facts surrounding their lost of congressional power.

The Republicans got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Take the cookie out of their mouths and examine why it is important to ask for the cookie. Don't continue to slam the cookies in your mouth. I learned this lesson in my early years.

So far, before the campaign, during the campaign, and after the campaign, the Republicans continue to spin every issue before them. You cannot deal with reality when you don't acknowledge it. You can't create reality by spinning it. You must face reality to start the process of effectively dealing with it. It appears the Republicans simply need to grow up, face up, so they can begin to catch up.


Friday, November 10, 2006

The Rubber Stamp Dynamic

Excuse Nancy Pelosi if she happens to make some Republicans concerned. It should happen, we voted to make it happen, and if it does not happen, the Democrats have been tricked into starting off on the wrong foot.

With our acquired congressional power advantage, it may appear the Democrats moved the rubber stamped Republicans aside to claim the title of the bipartisan rubber stamped Party. Simple: no change, no difference in political ideology. The Democrats will be on the 2008 express train to powerlessness.

There has been too much work put into restoring balance to our government. So far the media have highlighted and framed the Republican spin: The only reason we made a big sweep on Election Day related to being like the Republicans. What a sick form of denial.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's Follies

With "the Democrats are the same defense" in full swing, it will be difficult to focus on the important legal questions concerning the sexual exploitation of our nation's innocence by the the biggest hypocrite ever to walk the halls of Congress.

Spin, the ugly signature of medias contribution to our political process, has surely gotten in the way of the pursuit for truth, and this Page incident will bare that out. Unless the Democrats have a factual contribution to the Foley incident, they should be left out of it. I don't need a history lessen, in the form of a score card, telling me we really need to focus on the Democrats because they have gotten away with more then Foley ever will.

Without the Foley incident, the Republican backed Incumbent revolt nearly succeeded in two more years of total Republican rule. Yet, somehow I feel the Democrats will still have to watch out for a generated issue from the right. I hope not.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror To Order

America and Britain are so "on it" when it comes to exposing terrorism; they both knew of a plot to explode planes in mid air but could not do a dam thing until they busted the so called Pakistani bombers. So, right after the plot to explode plains in mid air have been exposed, the terrorist alert is out and the now comes the obvious spin game.

One obvious questionable fact is the alert for this terrorist plan was escalated when they found out the so called bombers were making attempts to book flights. The press was clear to point out NO FLIGHTS WERE BOOKED, so why would the Bush administration raise a terrorist alert after they stopped the plot and placed the would be terrorist in jail? I know why; does poll numbers and November elections stand to increase with such a report? Spin baby Spin and there is no one who knows how to Spin like the current administration and the Republican Party. In fact, the way in which the right wing press reported this was made to order for the President's ailing poll numbers. The overplay for this so called plot is so big it may backfire on the paranoid right. At the time of this post, there was talk that the Governor of California was talking about enlisting the National Guard to help with Airport security -- the only place the terrorist are allowed to attack from. I feel so safe.

At a time like this, the press really shows its greedy colors. With the sensation button in one hand and the made of order special professional guess at the ready, the press launch a ruthless parade of endless, "what ifs," political and one sided scenarios dedicated to educating and misleading issues their target audience want to hear. The sad part of all of this is the truth gets buried and very hard to distinguishes from the hypothetical. It is no wonder this countries get so many issues wrong when trying to find solutions; we need only look at our process for gathering information verses our unconscious need to be sensationalized while our Politicians try to gain political "one up man ship."


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Slash And Run Real Fast

The title suggests there should be an upgrade to the always appropriate slogan "cut and run." As adults, we should not be so taken in by this kind of suggestion: I am not sure what a "cut and run" is. Is it a person? Does a "cut and run" person have cooties or smell bad? I know a "cut and run” person is something like what happen to the word "Liberal." All of the sudden, as a "Liberal," I drink cool- aid and want by country taken over by terrorist and aliens, both out of country and outer space.

I know all this conjecture is not true; I am just wondering when we gave the opposition the unchallenged right to define who we, meaning Democrats and Liberals, are. At some point we have got to make the Republicans responsible for what they call us -- in the way our parent taught us about name calling -- just for the sake directing the moment to an adult level. Yes, come with what matters within issues, not within your kids classroom.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

I Hate The Truth About It All

How else am I suppose to feel about the truth about Iraq? I am sorry but I really hate what we have done to the civilian population in Iraq. It amounts to murder -- in this case, a very high class elitist murder cloaked in patriotism. When you look at the truth and the facts surrounding this War, I find myself looking for the honor we use to carry as a standard for the world to follow. So, I too look to Bush's Supreme court lost concering Guantánamo detainees as a blessing that could bring down Bush's misrepresentation of the American spirit. I would love to few our war resolve as a necessary option only used to save the lives of others in imminent danger. I do not feel the kind of honor and pride afforded our soldiers in past wars. How else am I suppose to feel?


Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Shock Jock Rally

Hell has no fury like that of the radio Right with a lie in mind and a mike in their hand. Similar, a mental clinic has no patient who would not benefit from a electrical jolt every now and then. The Democrats should use the lines used to rally the Right to truly what has become some of the most contemptuous actions this war has produced. Cold blooded murder is a very serious crime, for which, in this case, there has been plenty of witnesses to validate what our Marines have done. Another sad element concering this is our Marines are now benefiting from the negative aspects of the so called "Trickle Down" dynamic -- not the trickle down associated with economics, but instead, this is a trickle down of the attitude that you can get away with anything in within the actions of this Government. The Marines are only acting like their Commander and Chief who must be put into check. Our Governmental structure has never been so at the verge of complete breakdown as it is today. At all levels of our 3 branch Government, a realignment is needed; someone like Al Gore or another power house needs to step into this fight and stop this attack on its structure.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Predictions Come True

Something must be said for the predictability of this current situation with the gas prices. For the last 5 years, the Oil companies have been testing the Market to see what it will bare; this testing allowed me to see a predictable pattern that still exceeded my expectations in how high gas prices would become. I remember reading somewhere gas prices would rise to a very high level; then, Mr. Bush would save the day by returning the prices to the previous level. What a strategy for the incredibly shrinking, in poll numbers, President.
From the very start of the price dynamic we are currently in, I was very concerned about the lack of outrage that was victimized by diversion tactics that played out in the form of headline news. Everyday, early in this month, and all of last month, there was something in the news big enough to keep the puplic from any concerned inquiry about the rise in gas prices. From immigration to leaks within the White House, there was always a issue and when things became dull, we found out our President was the source of his own leak investigation. How is that for a diversion? In any event, the puplic is now involved in what I fell will lead to the undoing of this National rip off.
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taking On The Right Wing Press

Taking On The Right

At this point, the ritual of Scott McClellan's daily spin with the press is a exercise in a Republican rally call on how to defend the President's policies. I wonder what ciritics thinks will come out of confronting the lack of confrontation from the the media. At best, the press will be lucky the land on the right side of an issue; they have no commitment to journalistic excellence. In fact, the only beholding dynamic the press respects is ratings and it's ability to crate news to fit the new race to the right wing media slant. In today's political arena we have a lot to be concerned about. The lost of left wing power within the three branches of Government have created "black Hole" for everything people orientated to fall in. From laws to legislation, 40 years of hard earned Democratic ideals, that some have lost their lives for, seem to be falling by the waist side.
There is some light at the end of this fall: the 2006 elections should be the first major offensive from he left. As it turns out, the same power the Republicans fought so hard for will be their own demise. Absolute power corrupts, and we all have been witness to a lot of "good oh boy" corruption. Yes, the right wingers are trying their best at the only form of bipartisan politics they are willing to truly give a try: blame for the scandals they have made such a mess out of.