Saturday, July 19, 2008

She Needs To Be More Like In The Video

Unless she says something, everyone will think it is her and the Democrats who are responsible for the “do nothing” status the media helps to promote toward congress. Really, this is the first time I have heard from her in months. The people will not know the truth about who is really holding things up unless she takes a proactive posture toward Bush, the Republicans and the conservative media.

If I never hear one more conservative commentator say congress’s approval rating is worse then Bush’s, it will be too soon. None of the Democrats are making the claim loud enough THE REPUBLICANS ARE BEHIND THE LOW APPROVAL RATINGS. If you poll the same folks who is responsible for the rating and ask who is worse, those same respondents will say, by more then two to one, the Republicans are much worse. The media will leave you with the silent impression it is the Democrats who are responsible.

Speaking of polls, has anyone notice how Gallup and Rasmussen continue to poll Barack Obama with a very slim lead? Every time other polling organizations release polls with higher leads, Gallup and Rasmussen numbers get lower and lower. What is going on is an pre attempt to soften voters up for the old “switch-arue –” some word I made up that stands for election fraud.

I am of the believe Obama’s numbers are much better then Real Clear is presenting them . On a daily basis, as the other polling agencies start to contribute to the polling, the conservative pollsters continue to fight real hard to deceiving the would be voters. Someone has got to counter the mass deceptive practices associated with this election. Don’t you think for one moment the MSM is fair; they are not. Don’t think they will not show the collective conservative butts off; they will as if they continue to control both Houses. Don’t you think they will not try and steal this election; they are trying to do that as we comment.


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