Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Delays A Whipping

Crooks and Liars » McCain suspends campaign, wants to delay Friday’s debate until bailout bill is passed

Oh, John McCain knew it was coming. He knew the “spin” could not cover him through what the public was going to see about his ability to make his case for being our next president.How long did they think winning the Surge was going to carry him?

Now, down in the polls, McCain will try and position himself to say “he” solved the economic crisis. He would do this even if Barack Obama is with him on delaying the butt whipping. Paulson may of been vague so McCain can came and “fill in the blank” with the solution and thus save the day. Actually, this was going to be a double. Next week this time, we would of been talking about the McCain/Palin butt whipping affect and rightly so.

It has not stopped the media from covering McCain’s decision to delay the debate. David Gregory, Chris Matthews and the CNN talking heads all tried to put a honorable face to this.

So what is next? Will McCain try and delay the election, after all we are in a “crisis?” This president has marched out of his hole to influence the election with a fabricated crisis. I know this: This county will aspect to elect and new president come Nov. 4. I am not down with this ploy.


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