Monday, July 28, 2008

Will The Pot Call The Kettle Black

Crooks and Liars » Reliable Sources covers CBS and the Couric/McCain editing scandal

Within the MSM, there is a whole list of editing that fall into a questionable area. One could conclude, because of the competitive nature of cable news programs, the “other” networks would be all over this story — forever highlighting the difference in their network. That comparative criticism is missing, and it is obvious as to why.

CBS is waiting for the “other” networks to dare say a word. I would guess every network covering right-wing formulated media is guilty of the same thing. What comes to mind is the media campaigns often used by this administration. Al Qaeda in Iraq was such a editing example. Before the Surge, everything going on in Iraq was attributed to Al Qaeda. Before it was over, Al Qaeda became the primary fighting force. Yes, from 5% influence to warranting a Surge. You only need imagine the editors saying “take that name out and place Al Qaeda in it’s place.” In the end, Al Qaeda had its day, America save the day with its Surge, and the Iraqis are living forever after.

No, the “other” networks better not say too much about their propaganda buddy. They are all the same.


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