Friday, August 08, 2008

Its Time For The Republicans To Come Out Of The Dark Congress

Crooks and Liars » House Republican endorses ‘the Paris Hilton plan’ on energy

Enough with the stunts and desperate attempts at wining over public favor — any favor. Really its time for these guys to put something on the table besides filling the oil company’s pockets. One could argue the only forward thinking the Republicans have done with energy as been to make sure the same greedy oil companies have money and oil ten years from now. It will not work.

First off, can we take away the claim they speak for the majority of the people. What people? No one has asked me shit. The only way the Republicans can truly say they speak for the majority is to have a vote. I know in my heart they would loose hands down. As it stands, the use of Gallup, CNN, and Rasmussen polls are not a full representative sample of the this country’s people. They represent conservative interest and nothing more.

It is time for the Republicans to role up their sleeves and do some real bargaining with the oil companies. They have the contacts to bargain for help with lowering the gasoline. Not once has any of them came up with a plan to lower the price of gas by balancing the record profits of the oil companies. This should of been done months ago, and the Democrats missed pushing the issue. It is not too late. As it stands, every effort seems to lack focus and cohesiveness to move forward on this issue. A campaign slogan to “Think Balance” would help the oil companies share the wealth.


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