Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where Is The Story

Crooks and Liars » Vincent Bugliosi: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power and his take on Weapons of Mass Destruction
BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Oil Speculation Bill.

C&L, I am not writing this to blogwhore, I am putting this here so you can write something about it. You have a much broader audience than we do. The Republicans are screwing us - again. Most obstructionist ever!

Please write something about this! (And if you want to delete this message, please feel free to do so).

Thank you!

Where Is The Story

I view this as an opportunity to seat more Democrats in November. The Democrats have got to sensationalize what the Republicans have did to relief legislation. They have got to let the masses know immediate relief should not be politicized for something that would not do anything but make Oil companies richer.

The way I see it the Democrats need to do a one thing to be in the best position to eliminate the Republican drilling craze:

They have got to debunk the polling data the Republicans distorted to say most Americans want us to drill. This has got to be done in two ways. The first is they need to inform the voters of the bias nature of the Republican polls and sites like Rasmussen polling and RealClear politics. At every opportunity, these organization will manipulate data to favor John McCain and Republican interest in general. When Gallup worded the question in this way:

Please say whether you would favor or oppose taking each of the following steps to attempt to reduce the price of gasoline. How about: allowing oil drilling in U.S. coastal and wilderness areas now off-limits to oil exploration?

The misleading part of this question is: “whether you would favor or oppose taking each of the fallowing steps to attempt to reduce the price of gasoline.” Instead of asking the question honestly, the bias pollster mislead the responders to think drilling would bring prices down immediately. The fact about this is widely known. If drilling were to start tomorrow, it would not yield a drop of oil until 2018. There is nothing immediate about drilling.

It would be nice to make the Republicans pay for what they blocked today. Watching Vincent Bugliosi speak from a power perspective was inspiring and a model for how Democrats should posture themselves for this very misleading adversary.


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