Saturday, July 19, 2008

Republican Alert The Truth Has Been Spoken

Crooks and Liars » Nancy Pelosi: “Two oil men in the White House” are responsible for high oil prices

I wonder what happens to the Republicans when the truth about an issue gets out. The MSM has not kept the camera on any Democrat long enough to tell all the facts concerning what drilling will do. Instead, the Wolf Blitzers of the world would have you believe, the Democrats are stopping what the people want.

So far, it is not clear what questions have been asked of the American people, and if this is going to be a determinant, lets put it on a ballot to get to what the people want. I know the initial question asked by Gallup was misleading at best. it asked “if it would lower gas prices, would you support offshore drilling?” It is misleading because no oil will come of the venture for at least 10 years. I am not sure, after the greedy profit margin the oil companies now enjoy, the American people wants to give them the right to make this kind of money from land that belongs to the American people. At some point, does any American want to know “what about their cut in this get rich land give away?”

With the exposure to issues organizations like C&L bring, the Democrats finally are allowed to deliver the truth concerning these issues in its entirety. As it stands, the MSM will only play bits and pieces of the truth. This fractured delivery often makes the Democrats seem scattered and without any cohesive plan. The MSM are doing this very thing to Barack Obama. If you have not noticed, they are not reported his messages to the people in its entirety. The chopped up version takes away Obama’s primary weapon: His ability to speak and deliver a moving speech.

The Republicans can only get away with apathy when they can shorten, distort, or mislead issues. They have got to be a little uneasy when they saw Nancy Polosi speaking the truth. To hear Polosi say her congress has passed every bill they said they would pass, with the exception being getting out of this war, the lying Right must feel like they just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It makes you appreciate sites like C&L even more.


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