Friday, July 04, 2008

Where Is The Liberal Bias

The current state of the media is one sided. We all get the same opinions shoved
down our throats. If you let the current media establishment describe their coverage, they would say “we are fair and balanced.” In appearance, the media will give you a “song and dance” of two sides arguing opposing opinions. However, a closer look will reveal the “song and dance” the viewer signed up for is not the one he’s getting. Control is control; when you have it, you have an advantage.

To see this story concerning the Associated Press is scary. It means the print alternative to the MSNBCs and CNNs of the very bias right-wing media is now, you guested it, right-wing also. Now we have the right covering all bases. Oh yes, this should be very scary to all of us who know what we get from the current media is slanted, paid for, and created.

There is no Liberal bias. However, we sure could use some counter representation. As it stands, when networks like CNN does provide an appearance of “fair and balanced,” the ratio is usually three to one. I recall watching CNN’s version of “fair and balanced” once. It involved three would be Barack Obama supporters and one Clinton supporter. The Clinton supporter was also a former member of the Bush administration. Talk about “throwing a dog a bone.”Today, the same ratio will apply with three John McCain supporters and one Obama supporter. If you have not scene it yet, wait it will come.

The counter to this problems is to support a move back to fairness, assuming it once exist. Nancy Pelosi is talking about re-establishing the fairness doctrine. When that time does come, we need to support it.


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