Friday, July 25, 2008

Reality Steals The Show

Crooks and Liars » Vincent Bugliosi: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power and his take on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Vincent Bugliosi used “the real” to steal the spotlight and shake the members of this hearing up. Although at one point during the hearing one Republican congressmen tried to make this a academic exercise, Bugliosi knows this is no debate in which each side stands on equal footing. For the first time since I became aware of the Bush administration’s defense for their actions, I got to see someone nail the truth into the room of a congressional hearing. Bugliosi is a true truth sayer who knows a crime, not a debate, has been committed by this president. As far has Bugliosi is concerned this was a crime yesterday being addressed today, so we will know how to deal with it tomorrow.

Bugliosi slang the truth as if he was using a sword of justice. He captured the audience in a way that only truth’s power will allow. I know he made a few Republicans mad angry because they could not shut him up. Oh, they tried, but today Bugliosi was in his power and he knows how to use it.

Bush’s lies has hidden behind public apathy, Republican distortions and mass denial for the duration of his term. Today the path was clear for a brief moment and I need to thank Bugliosi for his courage. Maybe, he will establish a framework for how to address this administration’s crafty ways. I sure hope so.


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