Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Has Bush Done To The Iraqi People

First, even though we are coming to the end of this terrible administration, some of what is posted on this site could be considered anti American and potentially dangerous by this administration. Suppression, by wiretapping practices, was what this administration tried to accomplish, so finding reasons for digging into your background would be open for interpretation. From what I scene of Republicans and this administration, they are masters at rationalizing what they did during the slaughter they called the war on terror.

Most would say this war was fueled by fear of Islamic terrorism. On closer inspection, our own actions caused this war to escalate to killing Americans, insurgents, and many innocent men, women and children. They call it "collateral damage." I call it a cool and deadly "insurgency loop" that will continue until America leaves Iraq.

To go before the Iraqi people and make an agreement to stay in their country for the next 10 years, Bush is exacting a form of mental and emotional torture on the Iraqi people. The journalist know this more then anyone in Iraq. They have covered many stories Bush forbid us from seeing, and American media censors would not challenge him. Despite censorship, enough information concerning our early practice of using smart ass bombs that not only hit their intended target but everything around it. So, when you kill an innocent's person child, you have created the next generation of insurgents hell bent on killing those responsible for this nasty act. The very name it self, "collateral damage," is offensive. The reference sounds as though you are destroying furniture or something non human.

We have been in this deadly pattern for almost six years, and our president will not acknowledge the damage he has done to the Iraqi people. He's lucky he got only a shoe thrown at him.