Monday, September 29, 2008

Enough With This Republican Game

Crooks and Liars » Shorter House GOP: We killed the bailout bill because Pelosi hurt our feelings

I hope by now it has become obvious to the Democrats. This whole Bailout has been more about how bad the Democrats have govern congress then the need to save the country from financial disaster. These bastards are trying to win the congress back first and fix the economy second.

I know what the Republicans have said and what they have did are two different things. They have set the Democrats up to look like losers twice. On each occasion, they let the Democrats commit to “saying” they were sure they have enough votes to pass legislation only to pull out at the last moment. I would go as far as to say, the representatives who voted against this bill, hid behind a silent posture that went by the Democrats as support. However, the spin after the vote for the bill was anything but silent. The House Republicans attacked the with the conviction of a planed strategy.

Forget the Dum shit, the Democrats need to stop letting the Republican game on them. Although they failed on both occasions to put this in the Democrat’s court, it make no sense to keep playing their game. The Democrats need to drop their participation with the Republicans altogether, create their own bailout bill, and promote it as a critical need for the country. In this way, they don’t have to keep looking over their shoulder waiting for some bomb.

So far, I have seen nothing in the media suggesting this bailout has a ulterior purpose. I don’t expect to either. The media is conservative, and if anything, they will help to hide the fact that so far the only thing that has come out of the Republican effort to bailout our country is a attack on Democrats.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update: Republicans Walk Out On Crisis Meetings

Crooks and Liars » As Predicted: Tucker Bounds tries to say that McCain is responsible for breaking the bailout stalemate

The clock is running out, we are few minutes from total disaster. As a special agent of economics, John McCain has been dispatched to Washington to resolve all issues hindering the emergency measures to save this country from disaster. So, what happens?

As soon as special agent McCain arrives at the meeting site, all eyes are on him. McCain sits besides his leader, along with other Republican Party members, and takes a picture. Soon after the picture session, the talks break down and the same picture taking Republicans walk out of the last minute meeting to avoid disaster.

If you are human, and of average intelligence, you are confused as hell. Special agent McCain was supposed to clean up any problems in the way of solving this crisis. So far, he was only been there to watch his Party walk out of the talks all together.

Will special agent McCain take his ass to the debate where he belongs? Hell no, he has got to make this work. So, somehow, someway, he as got to make the Democrats look bad, then, with the blessing of his commander and chief, he resume his primary assignment to be a candidate for president.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Delays A Whipping

Crooks and Liars » McCain suspends campaign, wants to delay Friday’s debate until bailout bill is passed

Oh, John McCain knew it was coming. He knew the “spin” could not cover him through what the public was going to see about his ability to make his case for being our next president.How long did they think winning the Surge was going to carry him?

Now, down in the polls, McCain will try and position himself to say “he” solved the economic crisis. He would do this even if Barack Obama is with him on delaying the butt whipping. Paulson may of been vague so McCain can came and “fill in the blank” with the solution and thus save the day. Actually, this was going to be a double. Next week this time, we would of been talking about the McCain/Palin butt whipping affect and rightly so.

It has not stopped the media from covering McCain’s decision to delay the debate. David Gregory, Chris Matthews and the CNN talking heads all tried to put a honorable face to this.

So what is next? Will McCain try and delay the election, after all we are in a “crisis?” This president has marched out of his hole to influence the election with a fabricated crisis. I know this: This county will aspect to elect and new president come Nov. 4. I am not down with this ploy.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Real Sarah Palin

You don't know a person until you see what they support. Meet Sarah Palin from the state of Alaska.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

US Investment In Terror And Deception

Crooks and Liars » Woodward on 60 Minutes: Military generals opposed surge

I have written about this very dynamic: The need for this administration to create a killing field in Iraq. There was no significant fighting Al Qaeda force in Iraq. The US was dealing with a civil war, and the only way they could quell the violence was to eliminate one of the civilian forces. This administration did two significant things to create their modern day killing field:

1. They launched a campaign to hype up Al Qaeda in Iraq. After making the claim that Al Qaeda only represented 2% of violence in the region, with the help of the media, they started attributing every shooting, kidnapping, and fire fight to America’s number one enemy: Those bad boys who brought down the two towers. At one point, I did not think we were talking about the same Al Qaeda. However, keep in mind, there are no pictures of battles coming out of Iraq because there were none. No pictures and no WWII like battles to show we were “winning this thing.”

2. I admit this is a week point, but I think Bob Woodward’s latest book eludes to it. There was some sort of special force killing campaign that scared the shit out of the insurgent leaders. This special project, along with the stop of our smart ass bomb killings that did everything they were made for and more stopped the violence in Iraq. They had to stop using the smart bomb technology because it not only hit their targets but everything around it. When American technology started killing innocent men, women and babies, they never reported this side affect concerning their smart ass weapons. I know if you kill my child, I am your next enemy, along with my brother, sister, father and dog.

The only way we will come close to learning about the facts concerning what we did to stop the violence in Iraq is to elect Barack Obama. The facts will stay hidden otherwise. John McCain might even celebrate with more killings. I can’t bare to contemplate that reality.


Monday, September 08, 2008

The Narrative Flood

Crooks and Liars » Barack Obama: “They Must Think You’re Stupid”

I have noted this once before, but it might work if I note it three times: The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative, The Media is Conservative. Since the success of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN have all leaned to the right when delivering the news. This affects what polls they reference, who they bring on their shows, and, most of all, what they try to pass off as fact. Since the Republican convention, there has been a strong narrative John McCain, with the help of Super Palin, has caught up to and pass Barack Obama.

Maybe I am blind, but I don’t see how in the hell the Republican convention was more exciting then the Democratic convention. At best, I could barely stay awake to watch the dull list of speakers coming out of their convention. As a black person, I could not find anyone in the convention my color so it was very hard to get a “fit in” feeling. However, when you have three major news agencies running a conservative narrative Sarah Palin has galvanized their Party, it is easy to get the impression Obama is loosing ground.

The Palin Affect

Sarah Palin is one step away from total collapse of her political career. This lady has made it known she plans to have little to do with the press. If you take into account all that is being said about her, you would not go before a camera either. Maybe all the things they say are not true, but I willing to bet a lot of it is. Today, they were talking about her religious believe to speak in tongs.

The Palin Affect is media created, media supported and very overstated. Most everyone I talk to think this lady is a joke. The women think about her 4 month old Down Syndrome child at home being taken care of by a nanny or their oldest daughter. That scenario does not advance a positive picture of a devoted Mother because she is on the trail bashing Obama. I ask: where would you be with a four month old baby? Man or women. And speaking of her oldest daughter, I get an image of a true “shotgun” wedding. The would be husband looks like a baby. Forget about running for VP; get your house in order. That is the theme Obama should be using when the Palin question is asked.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Surge: A Long Campaign Of Lies

Crooks and Liars » Surge success “beyond our wildest dreams?”

Time has not served this issue well. What has been forgotten plays a important part in this issue. There was a pre Surge campaign to make the case for a need to address Al Qaeda in Iraq. Most Americans watched the campaigned and mistook it for actual news.

In May of 2007, I recall addressing whether there was a significant fighting force to warrant a Surge. After being told Al Qaeda only accounted for 2% of the violence in Iraq, I found it hard to believe a Surge of 30,000 troops the best way to address the stated problem. So, night after night, Al Qaeda became the headline for everything wrong in Iraq. At the time, I pleaded with people to pay attention to the campaign of Al Qaeda’s overstated involvement.

There was a ghostly presence concerning Al Qaeda combatants. I have never scene one. This enemy combatant must be camera shy. In WWII, you saw pictures of the enemy — soldiers, units, combat footage complete with the save the day hero. “WHERE IS THE GODDAMMIT PROOF?” With all the victory claims, there must be some proof of the battles it took to “win this thing.” There is none.

What stopped the violence amounted to paying the combatants off. We did not need a Surge for distributing the cash. With the unaccounted for 9 billion dollar in Iraq, there was talk about giving money away from the back of a pick up truck. No, you don’t need 30,000 troops to give money away. I guess they could make a case for guarding the money but that too is unlikely.

How easy it was for this administration to claim victory resulting from the Surge. In the first place, they did not make a good enough case to have a Surge. They certainly have not proved they needed on. They usually have a “smart bomb fest,” complete with footage of precise hits that claim their targets and the innocent population around it, or should we call the innocent “collateral damage.”

One way to win this argument is to address the phony way they went about creating the need to have a Surge. Also, request for battle footage, complete with one fire fight with Al Qaeda. Not “expected” Al Qaeda combatants, but the reason we needed the Surge Al Qaeda combatants.