Sunday, September 13, 2009

KISS: This Man Is A Racist

Since Barack Obama started to consider his candidacy as president, the far right, the extreme racist, and everything stupid knew they would have the chance to use Obama's race as a weapon against him. We need to keep this simple. It dose not take much to see the kind of hatred Glen Beck is working with.

Ana Maria Cox said Beck was taking advantage of fear. The people who follow him find a good old boys and girls network in which to relate their fears about where the country is headed. That is a bunch of bull, and at best, Cox is putting the obvious racist tones coming out Beck and his followers mouths nicely. This man is a racist; the people who follow and support him are the same, ansd the networks that present his actions as a political ideology to be debated do what Beck need for his Bull to grow.

The networks have a huge roll in the promotion of the negative crab directed at our BLACK president. By given Beck's movement the kind of air time and analysis shown in the video, his status is mistaken for something to debate. All that is needed to define Beck and his followers is the same kind of consideration we give the KKK and skin heads: "Been there; scene that."