Sunday, March 18, 2007

Speed That Thrills

This the fastest production car in the world. Will you be placing an order?
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Slow Down The Fight; We Must Make It Right

The recently fired US attorneys story heard in a Congressional hearing yesterday could bring all the president's me down. It is hard for the White House to use the defense of reducing the issue to public debate.

In essence, the Bush administration is trying to strong arm our system of justice. They have a lot of media support for this dynamic. Today, CSPAN's Washington Journal tried to frame a dynamic that would give Bush unreasonable powers. Brian Lam posed the question: Is it okay for our Government to lie to us. I say this is a form of framing an issue, and like always, Washington Journal's style is subtle but always to the right of the political spectrum. CSPAN is one of many right-wing shows given the silent task of framing the conservative agenda.

The Democrats have many mandates. They must not reduce their efforts to respect the people's wishes by doing every mandate at the same time.

As it stands the Republicans appear to be geared up to fight against the people's will all the way to the next election and we must let them. When the 2008 election arrive, the voters will have a fresh perspective of who has been obstructive in the process to give the people what they want.