Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Surge

Crooks and Liars » Joe Scarborough: Olbermann “too stupid to be on TV” for running McCain’s Anbar gaffe

Show me where the Surge has worked at. Show me one battle associated with the Surge. Show me one Al Qaeda stronghold in Iraq. And most of all, show me one Al Qaeda soldier because I do not know what they look like.

In all the battles of importance throughout American history, there was always footage of that battle or war stories associated with an offensive supposedly this grand. Joe Scarborough would hate me for this one: There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq to begin with. I know this because I watched the Bush administration create the myth about Al Qaeda’s dominance from the start.

On so many levels, the people of this country let this administration get away with this big lie. This lie was connected to the claim the Republicans tried to make about Saddam being allied with Al Qaeda. It was a lie in 2003 and even a bigger lie in 2008.

When the Democrats tried to make the case that Al Qaeda did not get into Iraq until America occupied it, this administration took what they could and created “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” Enter the Surge to get rid of Al Qaeda. You know, the Surge with no footage, no captured strongholds or known Al Qaeda soldiers.

In any event, with some restrictions on the press, this administration was able to defeat our ghostly enemy with ease. Today, in Iraq, everything good was made possible by the Surge.

There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq in sufficient numbers to make a Surge necessary. This must of been the easiest battle of the Iraqi war. It is evident this administration expects for Americans to forget what came before the current events in question. This has made it possible for Scarborough to make his claim “know American would remember anything about the Suni Awakening.” As a Republican, he counts on it.


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