Friday, October 09, 2009

Lets Frame The Day Away

"Will Barack Obama have a positive reaction from winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or will he have a negative reaction" Chris Mathews said as he started his show. He then, in the same segment said the Republicans will have a field day with this incident as he trotted out his line of "special commentators" who have been assigned the roll of waiting for Mathews to interrupt them with his now conservative talking points.

Mathews is compulsive with a mission. He wants the power to make and break politicians like Obama, so he is taken a special interest in framing everything Obama does with his special brand of framing.

I, at first, was a Hillary Clinton supporter who had to reluctantly throw my support to Obama because he won the Democratic nomination. As it stands, I could not of been more wrong about Obama. What a pleasant surprise that was. This man is before his time, and with every word that comes out of his mouth, he proves that. The right has no one like him or to compare him to. So, the right-wing lying machine does what they do best. With the help from the overly conservative media, they lie and frame every issue concerning Obama in a negative light.

The point I am trying to make is the media, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Fox Wanna be News, and the many others deserve the left's special attention. This special attention should be used to expose and call the media out on making news instead of reporting it.

Go Go Go Barack Obama.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

KISS: This Man Is A Racist

Since Barack Obama started to consider his candidacy as president, the far right, the extreme racist, and everything stupid knew they would have the chance to use Obama's race as a weapon against him. We need to keep this simple. It dose not take much to see the kind of hatred Glen Beck is working with.

Ana Maria Cox said Beck was taking advantage of fear. The people who follow him find a good old boys and girls network in which to relate their fears about where the country is headed. That is a bunch of bull, and at best, Cox is putting the obvious racist tones coming out Beck and his followers mouths nicely. This man is a racist; the people who follow and support him are the same, ansd the networks that present his actions as a political ideology to be debated do what Beck need for his Bull to grow.

The networks have a huge roll in the promotion of the negative crab directed at our BLACK president. By given Beck's movement the kind of air time and analysis shown in the video, his status is mistaken for something to debate. All that is needed to define Beck and his followers is the same kind of consideration we give the KKK and skin heads: "Been there; scene that."


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is This Find A Hole And Dig In It Week

From the left, from the right, and from the media, they all seem to take their aim at Barack Obama's attempt to do something no one has been able to do to date: Bring effective health care for all.

From the left, there seems to be side liners waiting for Obama to do something un-liberal, un-politically correct, or just plain unrelated to what he said he would do if he was elected -- this is going on while Obama is in the process of trying to put something together. Through it all, the left has weaken Obama's support, leaving him alone to swim for himself.

From the right, lies, lies, and more lies. These people lie so much you would think they were allergic to the truth. Lets get one thing straight: The Republican Party has a loosing solution and they are playing it to the letter. A victory to defeat the health care efforts will be short lived. The next round of elections will show them just how much they have fooled the public.

From the media, there seems to be this perception, they should insert their brand of sensationalism into every issue. It is hard to see their role in the health care issue as positive because the only thing they think of is ratings. They blow everything out of proportion. What bothers me the most is they practice creating the news when they should be reporting the news. I could care less if I never see another special annalist from MSNBC or any other network.

It is easy to sit by and pick out what Obama has done or not done. For sure they will see something inherent in everyone of us: Being human.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

We Should Be Concerned About MSNBC's Attacks on Obama

From the Ed show to Rachael Madow, MSNBC is covering the whole political spectrum with anti Obama commentary. They provide a complete picture of the political atmosphere. Lately, they have been taken pot shots at Barack Obama's entire support structure.

The Ed Show:

Day after day, Ed Schultz complains about how Obama is loosing his liberal base. He does this enough to put a serious dent in Obama's liberal support. By itself, it looks harmless; however, when you look at the total attacks lunched against Obama, there is cause for concern.

Polls Polls Polls

If you say it often enough, it will stick. This is the approach being done with the use of selective polls by Chris Matthews and others at MSNBC. Take a look at the Quinnipiac U. poll. What you find is that Matthews is using this poll to promote Obama's decline in public support The real truth is that it is the lowest out of the first ten polls listed. Why would Matthews and others at MSNBC use only this poll troubles me.

Give It To Me Now

It appears Obama is not working fast enough for Racheal Maddow. She wants Obama to change the status of the Gay people now. Right now. Or, night after night, this happen in May and June, Obama has been the butt of many complaints he is not for filling his campaign promises.

My point is clear, when you look at the entire coverage provided for Obama at MSNBC, you can see it has dangerous potential. There will me more to come concerning this sudden all out attack on the Obama administration by the media. Especially the attacks by MSNBC.