Saturday, May 12, 2007

False Comparisons Make Way For Killing Field

There has been a up tic in claims Al Qaeda is behind much of the killing in Iraq. In most news coming out of Iraq about attacks on Americans and civilians, there has been an overuse of the word "suspected to be" and "sources say" Al Qaeda is behind the attacks on American solders. Because we stop going after the people who brought down the two towers, Bush has taken a lot of heat. This heat has brought about attempts to make the case Al Qaeda has taking over Iraq. The premise Al Qaeda is behind all and every attack coming out of Iraq is another way of asking permission to kill more Iraqis. Many Americans want to see Al Qaeda whipped off the face of the earth.

There are two important facts about this current attempt to strengthen the claim Al Qaeda is firmly embedded in Iraq:

1. The first is now the war in Iraq is now connected to 911. Yes, they are trying to make the case we cannot leave Iraq because Al Qaeda is there. How is that for making it so? If you cannot find Al Qaeda, bring Al Qaeda to Iraq.

2. The other reason is the only way they can really do something about the violence in Iraq is to address the direct true elements causing the war. Since the Bush administrations say there is no civil war, they have got to find a way to eliminate one side of the civil war. Thus, any over kill can be assumed to be Al Qaeda's demise. This amounts to creating a killing field.

The Bush administration cannot do this alone. They need someone to disburse this lie Al Qaeda is behind all the killing in Iraq. Enter the media: Fox news and the Fox wantabees. Look for a lot of "framing the issue" kind of news. CSPAN's Washington Journal will do it with a question: Should we leave Iraq if Al Qaeda is so entrenched in the Iraq?

The lies and misdirection concerning this war never seem to stop. Before believing anything coming out Iraq, it is almost a must to second guess its content.


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pissed off patricia said...

I agree with you 100%. They are also using phrases like, "Al Qaeda like terrorists". The more the public hears the words terroists and Al Qaeda, the more they associate the war in Iraq with the War on Terror. Bush is still pushing the idea that we are fighting the war on terror in Iraq. It's insane!

Anonymous said...

The War on Terror is all over the world including Iraq. I don't know why this is such a hard concept for you lefties to understand.