Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Media's Campaign To Help Republicans Win The Drilling Argument

Behind the strategy that withholds key facts, the media has taken sides in the argument to drill offshore. The Republicans are not withholding no tricks to win this argument for drilling.

The Democrats are outnumbered and outmaneuvered when it comes to the drilling argument. Because the media is owned and operated by conservatives, the Democrats can only sit by and watch the media frame the argument, withhold key facts, and reduce the opposition's debating point to a week talking point. For example, the media is presenting the drilling argument as if drilling will have immediate affect. Even the Republicans have said not a drop of oil will be available until 2018, and when it does, it will only affect the price by no more then two cents.

The Republicans are also hiding behind phony polling data. The question asked of the participants are misleading. The media also withheld the fact that the Republicans actually held up a bill that would of lead to lower gas prices by addressing the speculation problem.

As the Republicans scream "I want to drill drill drill," maybe they might remember that real people are hurting by this gas crisis. They need to stop playing games and the media needs to stop delivering these game to the American people. The bottom line is there has not been a left-wing driven media. Instead it has always been owned and manipulated by conservatives, and with this story, the WP is not excluded.


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