Friday, May 23, 2008

This Has Really Angered Me


CNN: Clintons' game plan is not working

There are a few associated angles to look at when it comes to Hillary Clinton's campaign. In the end, it has taken a would be front runner and lowered her standings in the Democratic primary. The media is 80% responsible for this tragic negative influence.

This seem to start with Chris Matthews, who devoted 90% of his show to bringing Clinton down. Matthews went from asking whether Barack Obama could beat Clinton to making sure it happened. We all know the special negative attention Matthews gave Clinton. I ask the question: What if Obama had to pay for the attacks made on his behalf by Matthews? Would he have the funding advantage he enjoys now? I think not.

CNN, who is supposed to be the "BEST" in the business, has a obvious ratio problem when covering the candidates that has always favored Obama. The worst of this one sided reality comes during every election coverage. However, I have scene other times when the ratio was 3/1 in favor of Obama, with the one also being associated with George Bush. Talk about throwing a dog a bone.

The funding issue amounted to Clinton trying to counter media attacks along with Obama's attacks. This amounts to undue influence in the Democratic primaries. I am sadden at the amount of influence the media had a hand in.

Much should come out of this year's primaries. One is how much influence and manipulation should the media be allowed to engage in.

Finally, I have wondered why the conservative media is so much in a hurry to have Obama be the Democratic candidate -- this very dynamic was stolen and used by the Obama camp. I lied; I know why the conservative media wants Obama to run against John McCain. Its not hard to figure out. They want the weakest candidate to run in the general election. This fact will come to reality when the bias Obama now enjoys turns into a bias McCain will enjoy.