Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Sign Of Success Is Increased Dead American Soldiers?

Bush knew our soldiers would pay the price for his new killing field he's created in Diyala province. You cannot kill innocent people when you have a insurgency problem. You only trigger the next wave of insurgent fighters hell bent on taking revenge for their lost love ones.

If you think Al Qaeda is running things in Diyala province, I have some special land to sell you. Al Qaeda's name is being used to make the same connection they tried to make in the run up to the war: Saddam and Al Qaeda are one. Bush needs this connection because without it he is a murderer. So now, Al Qaeda is running everything in Iraq. My my, just when I thought we were in a civil war.

Have anybody ever wondered why we see no examples of Al Qaeda forces? I will tell you why. They don't exist in the reality Bush and his Generals are trying to create. The only time you even see something Al Qaeda is on those poor quality videos the pop up from nowhere and cannot be traced. They are never in English, although they are intended for Americans.

I said it first, there is no Al Qaeda in Iraq running the fight against US forces. However, if they can call one side Al Qaeda, they can eliminate one side in the civil conflict, thus, a stop in the violence. Don't forget no one is going to complain about a few dead Al Qaeda soldiers, for that matter, no one will complain about thousands of Al Qaeda soldiers.


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Support Hanging On A Thread

I too was very disheartened by the Democrat's one weak moment. By withdrawing the time line language from the funding bill, they really blew it. However, I was unaware we, the Democrats, had given our leaders a one time get it right mandate

This is a very complex political time. The Democrats are in the position to take over the now one sided political landscape. The last thing I would want to do is turn my support into talking points of doom.

I recall, in doing complex math problems, you have to concentrate on the step by step intricate requirement to get the problem right. I was allowed to miss one question and still get an "A" on the test.

In a non perfect world, the more we allow ourselves to be human beings, complete with making "some" mistakes, the less stress it takes to do what we have been entrusted to do. The way I see it no one will even take the job on if they only have one chance to get it right.

We must also follow the criticism. I found myself arguing this very issue with a Republican who did not state that very fact up front.

My last point is this: We cannot miss the opportunity to pick are leaders up after they have crashed and burned in a political battle. As supporters, we must find out what our rolls should be and play them as well as we give criticism.


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

If Bush Goes Down, So Should His Party

I cannot see how the Republican Party can separate themselves from the dark leadership inflected on the American people. By supporting a made up war, by not providing the oversight that would of stopped Dick Chaney from making secret oil deals, and by allowing Bush to make up scenarios that ended in supporting spying on its own people, a case can be made for blaming the whole Republican Party. That is just a few; there are many more negatives associated with the Republican Party.

Now, the Republican candidates for president want to put nuclear war on the table as an option of choice in dealing with Iran. Anyway, why does America feel they should be the country saying who should use nuclear weapons when we are the only country to use them? Nuclear war in this time is so uncalled for. Not one of the Republican candidates seems to value good old diplomacy. Kill, kill, and kill our enemies, for that is the strong "Republican" way.

The Republicans will have to put themselves in a hole just to get to be the "one" representing their Party. Let’s see, the candidate has to be against evolution, pro nuclear war, and pro Iraqi war involvement. That is scraping the barrel on some of the most negative issues in this country, and this is things candidates must believe to represent the Republican Party. No, it is not just Bush who is unpopular; it is their whole Party that is unpopular.