Friday, July 04, 2008

They Don't Report News; They Create It

This is day 5 with this issue. Why is it getting this much press? It is obvious; the people at MSNBC are doing what they do all the time: Lying.

Yesterday, it was Dave Abrams. Over and over, he kept emphasizing the real "hurtful" comments was when Wesley Clark said “John McCain's war experience does not qualify him to be president." After 4 news cycles, this is still being put before would be voters. There are two very important dynamics being played here:

1. At this point, this is being advanced by MSNBC; it is not reporting news. It is clearly an attempt to create negative talking points to hurt Barack Obama.

2. And this is the most important point of the two. Recall Hillary Clinton ran into funding problems. In actuality, she raised record amounts of funding; still, she came up short. The reason Clinton ran short of money is because she could not out spend the endless amount of money the right-wing media has. When Obama has to spend money and time countering issues being advanced by the media, he too will come up short -- just like Clinton.

My second point brings home a much unseen unfair dynamic. The media is actively trying to force one candidate to spend money to counter their claims. It is their goal to get Obama to spend more money then he has risen. How far should the media be allowed to go?

The issue and point the right is trying to make has poor logic. It is obvious to me someone saying a war experience does not qualify you for president is not an attack. MSNBC knows this.

At this point, the media must be confronted by this dynamic and asked if their involvement have true "reporting" intentions. They must be asked why is this an issue and why are they making it one.


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