Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Shock Jock Rally

Hell has no fury like that of the radio Right with a lie in mind and a mike in their hand. Similar, a mental clinic has no patient who would not benefit from a electrical jolt every now and then. The Democrats should use the lines used to rally the Right to truly what has become some of the most contemptuous actions this war has produced. Cold blooded murder is a very serious crime, for which, in this case, there has been plenty of witnesses to validate what our Marines have done. Another sad element concering this is our Marines are now benefiting from the negative aspects of the so called "Trickle Down" dynamic -- not the trickle down associated with economics, but instead, this is a trickle down of the attitude that you can get away with anything in within the actions of this Government. The Marines are only acting like their Commander and Chief who must be put into check. Our Governmental structure has never been so at the verge of complete breakdown as it is today. At all levels of our 3 branch Government, a realignment is needed; someone like Al Gore or another power house needs to step into this fight and stop this attack on its structure.