Friday, January 04, 2008

Backlash In Process: How Sweet It Is

They thought Barack Obama’s appeal would never catch on as much as it did. They thought all they have to do to weaken the Democrats was to get rid of the front runner. They, the Republicans, could not of been more wrong.

Iowa must be scaring the shit out of the Republicans right now. Yes, Obama beat the socks off of Clinton in a dazzling fashion. There plan, delivered by CNN and MSNBC, may be working too well.

Back to what they know best: The usual nasty untruth made up attacks that get sensational press from the two networks noted above. By the time people figured out the attacks were made up, the damage has been done. Thanks to sites like C&L we now have counter for the lefts base. It is the independents and would be crossover votes I am worried about. However, with Barack Obama now proofing he can win in white states, you can bet the constant flood of Hillary Clinton bashing will stop.

Now, maybe, they will let the Democrats choose their own candidate. We will certainly see.


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