Saturday, December 03, 2005

What Is Really Going On?

What will have to happen just to establish a truthful unmanipulated political process? Currently, the Republicans are getting away with telling many outrages distortions and lies that end up confusing and misleading our political process. In the current Iraqi quagmire, there is no time for undressing or unwrapping political propaganda designed to favor military dynamics that could, and often tries, to reshape our governmental structure at its core. No oversight has created a "all is fair" atmosphere that has sent our honor to the dark ages to sit along side of the very Iraqi lawless government we claim to be helping to eliminate.
Now, nothing is off limits, for you can even bring into question our honor system for which we acknowledge those who put their lives on the line to uphold are nation's interest. Coulter and the shock jocks invite the worse aspects of our Democratic government just to profit and establish a strong kkk style faction in our government. Hate sells, and the Republicans are guilty of using this very factor to win elections, divide our nation, and created an atmosphere of un-trust for the very process we function by. These are telling times, and people like Coulter tell the wrong time.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Communicating Simple Points

Why is it so hard to hear what the Democrats are trying to say? Could some of Democrat's words be falling in a vacuum to briefly surface at the sole recall of Democrats only? It just seems, for the sake of politics, the critical points concerning our, I am a left leaning card carrying Democratic Liberal, positions get lost in the debates. One example is the Democrats claim they were given information to fit the Bush administration's wishes to go to war, not the facts which was not provided to those who voted to give Bush authorization to go to war. Another lost point is Murtha's initiative was not voted on; instead, a plain statement to withdraw the troops was submitted by the Republicans, which did not have any of the considerations noted in Murtha's initiative. There would be no argument if the positions held were clearly stated. The only thing left would be to prove or disapprove the positions in the debate.
Somebody clearly does not want to clearly define the debate; without clear delineation of the arguments, we cannot move to the who's telling the truth or lie stage. Time after time, the media and the Republicans claim the Democrats were given the same information as the President, and no one voted for Murtha's initiative. That is, in both cases, a poor delineation of the arguments at hand and will not go any further because the arguments lacks agreement on its foundation. When you factor the media's constant need to hype, distort, or crate information related to an argument, you get a dysfunctional triad that seem to run counter to any form of true problem solving. It is no wonder many Americans have lost hope in our media, Congress and leaders to solve our nation's problems. There is one word all three subjects in the triad adhered to: replacement.
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Undermining The Argument

The Democrats could be losing this argument concerning the sequence of events that took place in Congress on Friday, November 18, 2005. All media accounts indicate "Congress" acted like unsupervised children. When you view the tapes and follow the FACTS surrounding the argument, a clear distinction comes into view, and you clearly see the ill effects of globalizing taken form. The Republicans tried to present John Murtha's, a Democrat, bill in their words. This one fact has been so under reported by media and Republicans alike. What the Republicans did should be the first reply to any recounted attempt from Democrats. The attempt to blur the facts of how this argument became a spectacle
is a tactic so often used under the "Fair and Balanced" claim by the media. I could not count how many times the media has used this concept to make opinion and lies legitimate issues. Globalizing the 2004 Party candidates was the primary factor to why Democrats lost ground to the Republicans. It's logical to keep the status Que if both sides have been pegged as the same. Democrats cannot afford to be viewed as having the same attributes as the Republicans, a point that should not be hard for them.
For what happen in Congress on Friday, viewers would be hard pressed to see the spin has fact. Increased exposure, thanks to CSPAN, has and will make it difficult for the Republicans to lie as they once enjoyed. Before its over, I put my money on the Republicans moving to have TV out of Congress. The Republicans will long miss the days when lies flowed like Niagara Falls, and the only way to counter their lies required a more than average knowledge of current political dynamics.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Speaking Out: We Awake From Inactivity To Fight Back

First let me say I am proud to be affiliated with the Left of the political spectrum. I am also proud to be a Liberal, who despite the rhetoric, has the intellect to move our county in the direction needed to recover from this administration's war based in lies and false economic recovery. It appears, the Left have awaken to fight the fight we should of fought right after the 2000 election.
In part, because of the bold and strongman tactics of the Bush administration, the Left reeled back and settled with a complain plenty do nothing approach to issues at hand. We became settled with the assumption the word Liberal meant you were endowed with everything wrong and only belonged in the category of extremes to be shunned by the mere mention of their name.
After two questionable elections, a war we were tricked into supporting, and a mounting reality that everything they have fought for 40 years, the Left now knows it is under attack from the Bush administration and his Republican supporters. Since the close of the Senate -- a special 21 rule -- to move into a close session, the left as awaken to fight. The Democrats, or the so called Liberals, have awaken to ask the important questions about how we got into a occupation of another country fighting for oil that is not ours. The Democrats have awaken to claim the proud accomplishments associated with being Liberal and caring for the world around them. With every move forward, the Left clarifies what the Right has so cleverly distorted and made a mockery of. Yes, the Left and all the good it has stood for stands in the only light it knows and that is in the interest of the American people.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Black Republicans And History

You can trace the Black Republican form of compliant thinking to "Uncle Tom's Cabin." It is a sad under-researched dynamic spawned from slavery as some slaves took many measures to stop some of the physical and separation abuse imposed on them as a means to control them.

To cope with the many beatings associated with plantation life, Blacks were forced into compliance. You need only to go to a land where you don't understand the language; add to this someone beating the skin off your back for words you can't seem to understand. By the principles described in conditional learning alone, Blacks understood a basic rule to survive, and not get beat, was to comply. Doing what they thought the masters wanted them to do was quickly learned and passed on as a survival technique.

The house slave is a direct product of compliance to avoid beatings. As those who understood this concept most became trusted and delegated to instruct other slaves who did not know the rules and language, thus, the Uncle Tom was born.

From the very beginning, the Uncle Tom thought he was better than the others because he could speak like the whites, dress like the whites, and if given the chance, he could even criticise like the whites. There was only one glaring problem to Uncle's Tom's status: he was still black.

Throughout the years, the Uncle Tom's need to demonstrate this extreme form of compliance has evolved to the now Black Republican, complete with his so called "just like Whites" conditioning, but now he's joined a political Party that seems to give his status a true sense of belonging and that is the Republican Party..

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Tired Fight

The Republicans, and the "Hating Right" are starting to believe their own lies. Just like the evolution of man, the Republican liars have evolved into a whole new Species. The new Species is self supporting and need only the confirmations from their own ranks -- hence Bush's exclusion of non supporters to his town meetings and campaign rallies. The new Species has several draw backs, but the one that most identify their shortcomings as a Species is they tend to believe the lies in the face of undeniable truth, and they tend to treat truth as an opinion to be discounted by, you guessed it, more lies. With all this need to keep truth at bay, they have become very hateful of those who would make it difficult for them to maintain their deceptions. In short, they live by lies and die by them, and if we don't stop them, they will have more victims dying for the same lies they need to live off of.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Logic Flow

If "A" and "B" are true, than "C". The Former is a simple formula for the truth, it is also the same formula being used by the Bush administration to generate untruths. I call the equation the "logic flow" formula. This is the very means by which are President is feeding the American people the untruth about Iraq and the War on Terror, where "A" = Terrorist who hate Americans, "B" = The need to defend America from the Bad Terrorist and "C" is equal to invasion of Iraq to spread Democracy so the Terrorist will change their minds or be killed?
Now if "A" and "B" are not true, then "C" will be ineffective and could be considered a contribute to the very problem that is up until now not Identified. The equations does not account for the money involved or the special interest that can be attribute to a false equation, but if you use the formula, you can point to the logic flow needed to gain support for the actions taken in Iraq and the War on Terror. It also points to the areas of focus for the truth, should America want to deal in a true solution.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Demarcrats Are Bad For The Current Military Goals

The far right don't want a Democrat near their unethical goals to rape and pillage a country. Democrats will be bad for the murdering of men, women, and children who have nothing to do with are concerns for terror. Democrats are bad for this phony since of patriotism that drives this mistaken WWII look alike war. I am so proud to be a Democrat, and I am so proud to be bad for this administration's bull shit that has divided this country between the shrinking numbers who are blinded by "neat" weaponry and the lies Mr. Bush calls a cause and the true patriots of this country. How dare Bush and Republican supporters of this war assume that the Democrats would stoop so low as to generate and support the hatred that drives this misguided cause that have effected and wiped out a people who have a true right to life.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Republicans Use Signature Attack On Prosecutor

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"When nothing is working, attack the person not the issue." That is the signature attack posture of the Republican Party. In settle form, the Republican questions regarding Fitzgerald's request for authority to look at other charges is the beginning of the "Ronnie Earl" style attack soon to be released in full on Fitzgerald.

In advance of what is to come, the Republicans are already trying to build talking points that will be needed to avoid the impeachment of Mr. Bush. The Republicans are now focused on Joseph Wilson's claim that the administration lied about Iraq seeking yellow cake uranium. By saying Wilson's claim was untrue, there will be no serious claim to lies leading our country to war and no foundation for impeachment. Yes, the Republicans are looking pass the indictments with this defense to the worse case scenario. Talking about seeing the "writing on the wall;" this is a natural lock step defense that speaks to the almost inborn predictable unity of the Republican Party.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sort This Mess Out

What did it mean when the DSM noted " make the facts fit the policy?" At some level, everyone who voted for this war are victims of Bush's propaganda machine. If I remember correctly, most of what was given to Bush was not a green light to start killing Iraqi men, women, and children. He was told: after he had used every avenue he could to avoid using force, then he was authorized to use force. How we got to War is in suspect, and I mean big time suspect. For starters, there is evidence he manipulated data, evidence, and slandered reputations to bring congress to the patriotic moment to support force. Second, the number one reason for going over there was never proved, but we, and I say we, didn't have the balls or fortitude to make things right. We were suppose to pull out of Iraq long ago, and I remember a time when this country would of did just that. History will report us in foul for this one fact, and long after this is over, this country will look like aggressors to innocent people. This, what I am saying, has truth written all over it. Now, Mr. Bush is in full diversion mode and is appointing unqualified people to the Supreme Court, allowed our troops to fight in battles within the Syrian border, and just about any thing he can to divert from the very thing that can bring his corrupt administration down. Mr. Bush is running scared and is in full defense. As a nation, we need a strong drive to bring the truth to the land, and provide clear cut solutions to how we can undue some of the wrongs this administrations has unleashed on this nation.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Report The Whole Truth

Like everything that has come out of this reconstruction of Iraqi, the American people and the media knows that some how this will later be reported as a farce in which Iraqi citizens were promised goods if they voted for the constitution. We, I know I do, suspect everything this administration has their hand in, and it is not rooted in hate for George Bush. The hatred for George Bush came after he got away with everything he's did, including the killing of men, women and children. I really hate the killing of human being for reasons that had nothing to do with imminent danger to us or the Iraqi people. Why would I not hate that?. The Far right and Mr. Bush should come to grips with the fact that we are not in WWII when there was a true Axis of Evil. The false sense of partiotism that drives this illegal war has made my stomach turn, and I will never be afraid to say it.
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Right Apathy

Apathy is a often used tool of the Right; without it, they would not be able to deliver their talking points. It is a sad time for the right, who knows a power shift is headed their way, which only takes on the similarity of "looking American" and "sounding American, " but truly lacks the will or honesty to drive America in the best direction. A good example of this is the so called "my home boys" moment the President had with the 12 American soldiers on national TV on 10/13/05; it was billed as a spontaneous talk with the troops, but it was later found to be a practiced response from crony shock troops. However, what becomes a true "kodak" moment is when you catch the Right, especially this President, with some form of the truth they were not expecting; they fumble about, some stuttering, as if they were interrupted with an national emergency. I say its much easier to know the truth, speak the truth, so you can be about the truth.
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Plan

One element of Bush's success has been apathy. Without the dynamic of not knowing what is really going on, the current administration would not have gotten, elected in 2000 and 2004, into a war with a white lie, or no bit contracts in Iraq in the sum of billions of US dollars -- I wonder what a kickback from that kind of money would bring. Mr. Bush cannot hold the pure mass of lies he's unloaded on the American people together. For what its worth, apathy can only survive in good times. Sooner that later people will want to know why their dollars don't have the same buying power it once did, and sooner than later people will want to know why we are fighting this war if we were not under any direct threat. Our men and women don't have to die like they are -- blown to bits in a foreign land away from love ones who will never see them like they were when they left to fight this war. One of the biggest oversight is Bush's ever changing reasons for fighting this war; this is nothing more than an internal struggle turned outward to rationalize why he is killing so many people for no good reason. We are in a sad time and we need to only look up and define the realities around us to see it.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Misdirection and Judge, they hope, Miers

The Republican Party has put forth a very deceptive plan to seat a very conservative person to the Supreme Court in a way the Democrats would not mount any serious opposition to the nomination. I am not fooled one bit by the immediate outrage response from the Republican Party when Miers was nominated. I have never seen the Republicans automatically discount one of their own, especially with this partisan Congress and Senate. It looks like the plan is to disagree at first, then at the last minute, claim they have had a change of heart. They are hoping their initial disagreement will trigger a partisan support response from the Democrats. The plan will, if it works, will get Miers appointed in unanimous fashion.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Give The Mayor Of New Orleans Credit Not Blame

There is on point to make for the Mayor's response to the hurricane that is very overlooked. Mayor Nagin was actively trying to address the situation in the best way he could. At times, he appeared desperate and on the verge of a breakdown because of the lack of support he had received up to that point. To add to all of this, Mr., Nagin had to watch friends and citizens die as their bodies floated by in a mounting body of floodwater. The Mayor was not taking pictures or in a plane looking down on the victims. In hindsight, we can look back at what the Mayor could have done better but we should not use that hindsight to spin blame. We know where the blame should be, and the American people must have the courage to state the truth. The Feds blew it.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

More Than a Show

The Real Truth Posted by Hello
I believe with all my heart Bush's speech on March 9, 2005, in which he warned Syria to pull fully out of Lebanon, is trying to set the foundation for war. This time the Bush administration does hopes to avoid some of the "pit falls" -- Only one excuse -- associated with the Iraq war. I also believe this is the mandate Bush really feels he has: "I can go and boom when I want, where I want, and who I want." Terrorism will not be tamed by democracy, and there is no history to prove it. However, booming the hell out of a country may work for the misguided who are bent on taken over the Middle East.

Bush's Justice Posted by Hello
The Bush Administration has been suspect in so many areas in the last four years. For some reason, nothing seems to done about what this Administration does. The latest, the Jeff Gannon Question or Questions , is a big "slap in the face" to the Bush Administration on so many levels. It not only shows what a hypocrite this Administration is, but it also shows to what degree they will go to gain a political advantage. When I see dynamics like the Jeff Gannon's and all the other shady dealings of this Administration, I can't help but wonder if the Fraud charges coming out of Ohio should be looked into with a microscope.