Thursday, January 04, 2007

Standing For Change

If we are in a time of progression, and we don't back track, we can say goodbye to the right wing politics of old. No longer will we be tricked into voting for something dressed up to be something else, who can forget the scene the Republicans created when Jack Murtha voiced his concerns for the polices our troops had to endure in Iraq.

We need only look back on the 12 years of Republican rule, so we can learn from their mistakes. No one should be given a blank slate of power in our 3 tier system. No one.

So now that the "station" has been changed, what is the new program going to be? Will it be much of the same thing? Will there be only a change in players and style in which to play the same old special interest shit?

I know this about the incoming Democratic players: Most of them have a true and noble objective to help the masses. We will need to support the up coming efforts to change the status quo with pride and assurance we stand for something good.

The politicians will not be the only body tested in this changing of congressional and senatorial guard. The very people who put them into office must be willing to support, articulate, and stand firm on what has to be done.

We must face the truth to tell the truth, and when it comes time, flow with the very power truth generates toward change.

Once the truth is known, it must not be dressed up to fit the status quo, which is what Bush plans to do in a week from 1/4/07.

When Bush speaks to the Iraqi solution or what he thinks will save lives, the first thing to ask is why did we have to wait until January for the solution because anything imaginable devoted to saving lives should be in affect now. Politics of this sort rides on a tin line of withholding dynamics that would save lives.

The only thing left for this horrible time in our history is living in the hard fought process for Democratic solutions and change.


Reforming Everything

Now that America is in the sweeping mood, we should take a look at the press. Nowhere is there need to reform the false form of reporting the news as there is in the news media.

The people highlighted as Democratic examples of corruption have not been arrested for anything. You would think from the latest Washington Post article, especially in case of Rep. William Jefferson, there are indictments or people found guilty.

I have often wondered why Jefferson’s case has been just hanging out there for the Republicans and now the WP to take off the shelf to use in any way they see fit. It is time this stops. It is an assuming form of reporting.

If I never see another special commentator for the rest of my life, it will be too soon. There is nothing special about partisan opinions. I hope we don’t forget to begin the process to reform this aspect of our society