Thursday, April 27, 2006

Predictions Come True

Something must be said for the predictability of this current situation with the gas prices. For the last 5 years, the Oil companies have been testing the Market to see what it will bare; this testing allowed me to see a predictable pattern that still exceeded my expectations in how high gas prices would become. I remember reading somewhere gas prices would rise to a very high level; then, Mr. Bush would save the day by returning the prices to the previous level. What a strategy for the incredibly shrinking, in poll numbers, President.
From the very start of the price dynamic we are currently in, I was very concerned about the lack of outrage that was victimized by diversion tactics that played out in the form of headline news. Everyday, early in this month, and all of last month, there was something in the news big enough to keep the puplic from any concerned inquiry about the rise in gas prices. From immigration to leaks within the White House, there was always a issue and when things became dull, we found out our President was the source of his own leak investigation. How is that for a diversion? In any event, the puplic is now involved in what I fell will lead to the undoing of this National rip off.
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