Saturday, July 12, 2008

Will This Be The One That Will Tear Bush’s Defense To Shreds

First let me note how validated I felt to hear University Law Professor Jonathan Turley say Bush has been using a “lets debate” tactic to get away with crimes. Until now, I felt like my claims that Bush used this as a defense fell into a black whole. I have written about this many times, and I never got any takers to process my concerns for this dynamic that seemed so obvious. Thank you very much Professor Turley.

Nancy Pelosi must reconsider impeaching, and I do hate to say his name in this way, President Bush. In fact, just as the Florida and Michigan primary voters put it, no one person or committee should be allowed to take something away from the voting public. My stomach turned when it was reported that a Democratic committee took a state’s right to vote away and my stomach still turns when I hear the Democratic leaders say impeachment is off the table. They have no right to speak for the American people on this scale.

When all is said and counted, our murderous president is responsible for well over a million deaths. Dam the torture issue because we should be talking about genocide charges. I can say this with 100% sense of righteousness afforded those who have witnessed a crime and saw who did it.

Polosi, along with many key officials, suffer from collective denial. In spite of the obvious nature of Bush’s crime, it is treated like like something less then what it truly is. How is that for denial? Somebody should awaken Polosi and her key officials. This is not a dream, nightmare or an exercise in how much patience does it take to forgive a genocide. This was real, its still real, and if it were left up to Bush or McSame, it would be real for a long time to come.

Today, I want impeachment rights put back on the same got-dam table Polosi took them off of. One of our first lessons in life is: You don’t take things that don’t belong to you.


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