Thursday, December 06, 2007

Destroying The Democratic Front Runner

What I dislike most about the media crazy directed at Hillary Clinton is has divided the Democratic Party. This divide could hand the Republicans the next Presidency.

Lead my Chris Matthews, the Republicans have initiated a campaign to destroy the Democratic front runner. Recall, Clinton had a huge lead. This lead would of been too much for the Republicans to overcome.

Matthews, on a daily bases, acts like he is Braack Obama's unofficial campaign manager. With one Washington Post poll, he's generated this conception the Democrats has a soon to be new front runner. Matthews thinks this country will not elect a Black as president. As a Black man, I truly believe this country is not willing to elect a person of color, but I will support Obama and hope I am wrong. Make no mistake, this is not a statement people of color are not qualified to be president. There many who are very capable running the oval office.

I hope he does not get a false sense of support from the conservative media. Not once has he disarmed this attempt to take Clinton out. I hope he don't get this false sense of being "just that good" he is beating the socks off Clinton. From what I see, the media is doing that for him.

Whatever, happen to sticking to the issues? It has been put to the side by a conservative dynasty that feels they are about to lose it all.The media's attempt to keep the politics negative will also be the downfall of the Democratic Party. This negativity is totally generated by the media, who is acting like a third party instigator pushing two sides to fight it out. Check out Matthew's roll of late.

I call for Democratic unity. Talk about the issues. At the end, pick the best candidate. Keep the Republicans suggestions and propaganda out of the Democratic mix. The Republicans have messed this country up for years to come. There is nothing worth while about them.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Enough Already

I am tired of the "got ya" press. It serves no value, other then demonstrating how much the press can manipulate what you say with semantics.

This quote was taken from the NY Times "Mr. Clinton has said several times since the war began that he would not have attacked Iraq in the manner that President Bush had done. As early as June 2004, he said, "I would not have done it until after Hans Blix finished the job," referring to the weapons inspections there before the war."

It sounds to me he was saying he would not of invaded Iraq unless they found WMDs. We know there were no WMDs. At best, he can make the same claim Hillary Clinton made: "I was fooled into giving my support to the president by faulty evidence. We know this president lied to go to Iraq. In fact the press knows this same truth.

I will take the time to express another point. I am so tired of the media flashing this one poll before the American people that shows Clinton and Barack Obama in a statistical dead heat. This is not a victory for Obama. If you wait long enough, another poll will confirm Clinton's lead. Instead of trying to make news, the media needs to just report it. The didactic nature of forcing a thought down the viewers throat as made this viewer very tired and untrusting of cable news.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Following The Bouncing Lies

Out of Washington today are reports that Al Qaeda has been defeated. Yes, the ghostly enemy no one sees has been developed to be in Iraq, killed in Anbar Province, and now have been defeated by the mighty American Army. We won after all.

With the Iraqi mission wrapped up, the US can now focus on the next evil axis member: Iran. There is one thing that now seems to be a pattern of the Bush administration and that is they broadcast their next move. It is almost like they are laying the cards out to kids: First we kill one enemy then we kill the next.

This is why I resorted to supporting which ever Democrats stands the best chance of getting these murderous bastards out of office. Behind the bouncing lie reside real people who’s lives have been turned upside down. While back in the US, are legislators debate over the fate of a people in a third party exercise they call debate. Welcome to the modern world of the great United States.


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

It’s Time We Talk About The Attack On Congressional And Senatorial Democrats

With only eight months in their leadership role, there is a force destroying the efforts of the Democratic Party. The Republicans see big losses in 2008, so they have “taken off the gloves” and begun to fight like they were fighting for their very existence. The Republicans control two three branches of power: The unofficial media, the executive and the judiciary.

Unlike anytime I can remember, the Republicans own the press, and they serve to mis-characterize Democratic representatives, support Bush’s wild assertions, and coordinate with the president to maximize their efforts against the Democrats. At every turn, the media is becoming ever more conservative as they compete for Fox’s title of the most conservative cable TV network. CNN and MSNBC all highlight conservatives causes all day long. This fact has forced the Democrats and the far left to the Blogs and the internet for their campaign adds. In short, the media is wilding a lot of power for the Republicans and the Bush administration.

Have you ever wondered what the overthrow of our government would look like? Would it be a slow process — slowly disregarding the core constitutional laws of our country by a president — by which the use of executive privilege is the primary tool used to initiate the overthrow process? Would the funding for such a project be masked in a eight Billion, we don’t know where the money went, dollar write off involving the Iraqi war? One law here; another law there, and before you know it, you have a subtle dictatorship. Think about the times we are in as I note this comment. The executive branch is too powerful and will not except any checks to its powers. This fact sounds like a DICTATORSHIP, and the worst could be yet to come. Bush has made Democratic congressmen look like puppets that he adjust by pulling strings. Bush’s biggest ally is his Party. Right now they are obstructing every legislative attempt by Democrats only to call them a do nothing congress later. Hell, this has worked so good some of the Democrats own members are calling themselves losers. The Democrats never scene this move coming and still cannot see the dynamics surrounding their leaders.

When the Democrats do get fed up with this president’s manipulation and power grabbing tactics, they have hope the courts — the supreme court — will make the laws of the land prevail. This branch of government is important to the scheme of things, but not the absolute force affecting the power dynamics everyday. When they do weight in on things, it will become evident why Bush stacked the courts. If Bush were to be charged with any crimes it will become very evident why the courts were stacked. Still, I hold a bit of hope for this branch to say enough is enough and not let our country be destroyed by anybody for any reason.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stealing Is Not A Mental Disorder

Stealing oil is the primary reason Bush will not let go of Iraq. He and Chaney, and I admit this is my opinion, has made a deal with oil companies to turn over Iraqi oil revenue machine to the same interest that has our gas prices going through the celling. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal, and this president will keep his commitment to deliver the goods to the oil masters.

What is adding more pain to misery is most Americans know what Bush’s intentions are. We refuse to address some of the most obvious suspicions concerning this president. Time after time, we have given Bush the benefit of the doubt so much, the pink elephant in the room has many relatives in the same room. We will not connect the dots in ways that will allow this nation to admit we invaded a country who was not a threat to us. It should of been no WMDs no war. Still without a case for war, now I am connecting the dots, we destroyed a country and its infrastructures with endless smart ass bombs that turned out to be not too smart at all. Those bombs helped create an insurgency in numbers the US army never predicted. For every child or innocent victim, for which we call collateral damage, their Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Antie, Uncle, and pet goat became the next wave of insurgents ready to die for the savage killing of a relative. This is how American created more enemies in Iraq with every passing day.

Now, I have scene very disturbing footage highlighting the victories over Al Qaeda. Michael Ware, in Anbar Provence, took serious liberties in reporting the defeat and ejection of Al Qaeda from that city. First, the video was very graphic in showing what Sunni soldiers do to those they call Al Qaeda. Lets put it this way, they are doing some ugly things in our name, with our weapons. This Al Qaeda in Iraq claim is being used to kill many who only crime may be being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Al Qaeda in Iraq will result in lots of killings in our name.

Bush has made it worse, and anytime we get close to ending this war, he will increase his overtones of saying anything that provides the rational for him staying in Iraq. Bush is moving into dark areas of wrong doings. He will go down in history; I hate to think what for.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Transformers: Republicans In Disguise

Ron Paul’s persona is very familiar: It is Democratic, when it comes to the war, but Republican when it comes to traditional values. He’s a modern day transformer. Boy, these Republicans will try everything and anything to lessen the Democrat’s number advantage coming into the 2008 elections.

Lets see, they have Ralph Nader, who will take from the Democrats, Bloomberg, who will take from the Democrats, and now, a Transforming Republican, Ron Paul. That should be enough to take the advantage away from Hillary Clinton, so the Republicans can have 8 more years of warmongering rule.

Don’t forget who you are dealing with; When it comes to lying, deception and misdirection, the Republicans are masters. So they have taken the strategy: The best way to beat a Democrat is with a Republican who sounds like a Democrat.Of course this has to happen in conjunction with media propaganda that make the claim the Democrats are the same as Republicans. There are people on this site who bash Democrats in the “they are both the same Party” manner all day long. Hell, sometimes the critique of one Democratic perceived failure has been so thick on these boards, you could cut it with a knife. It appears the people want 8 years of Republican rule undone in 8 months.

If I want Democratic ideology to lead our nation, I am voting Democratic. I don’t have a false sense of what it takes to undo the damage this administration has did to our country; nor, to I have a distorted sense of being objective that would allow me to put another Republican in office. I don’t care how liberal he sounds. I recall that was said of John McCain at one point. Look how truly conservative he has turned out to be. No thanks, I will not be fooled on this one.


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Sign Of Success Is Increased Dead American Soldiers?

Bush knew our soldiers would pay the price for his new killing field he's created in Diyala province. You cannot kill innocent people when you have a insurgency problem. You only trigger the next wave of insurgent fighters hell bent on taking revenge for their lost love ones.

If you think Al Qaeda is running things in Diyala province, I have some special land to sell you. Al Qaeda's name is being used to make the same connection they tried to make in the run up to the war: Saddam and Al Qaeda are one. Bush needs this connection because without it he is a murderer. So now, Al Qaeda is running everything in Iraq. My my, just when I thought we were in a civil war.

Have anybody ever wondered why we see no examples of Al Qaeda forces? I will tell you why. They don't exist in the reality Bush and his Generals are trying to create. The only time you even see something Al Qaeda is on those poor quality videos the pop up from nowhere and cannot be traced. They are never in English, although they are intended for Americans.

I said it first, there is no Al Qaeda in Iraq running the fight against US forces. However, if they can call one side Al Qaeda, they can eliminate one side in the civil conflict, thus, a stop in the violence. Don't forget no one is going to complain about a few dead Al Qaeda soldiers, for that matter, no one will complain about thousands of Al Qaeda soldiers.


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Support Hanging On A Thread

I too was very disheartened by the Democrat's one weak moment. By withdrawing the time line language from the funding bill, they really blew it. However, I was unaware we, the Democrats, had given our leaders a one time get it right mandate

This is a very complex political time. The Democrats are in the position to take over the now one sided political landscape. The last thing I would want to do is turn my support into talking points of doom.

I recall, in doing complex math problems, you have to concentrate on the step by step intricate requirement to get the problem right. I was allowed to miss one question and still get an "A" on the test.

In a non perfect world, the more we allow ourselves to be human beings, complete with making "some" mistakes, the less stress it takes to do what we have been entrusted to do. The way I see it no one will even take the job on if they only have one chance to get it right.

We must also follow the criticism. I found myself arguing this very issue with a Republican who did not state that very fact up front.

My last point is this: We cannot miss the opportunity to pick are leaders up after they have crashed and burned in a political battle. As supporters, we must find out what our rolls should be and play them as well as we give criticism.


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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

If Bush Goes Down, So Should His Party

I cannot see how the Republican Party can separate themselves from the dark leadership inflected on the American people. By supporting a made up war, by not providing the oversight that would of stopped Dick Chaney from making secret oil deals, and by allowing Bush to make up scenarios that ended in supporting spying on its own people, a case can be made for blaming the whole Republican Party. That is just a few; there are many more negatives associated with the Republican Party.

Now, the Republican candidates for president want to put nuclear war on the table as an option of choice in dealing with Iran. Anyway, why does America feel they should be the country saying who should use nuclear weapons when we are the only country to use them? Nuclear war in this time is so uncalled for. Not one of the Republican candidates seems to value good old diplomacy. Kill, kill, and kill our enemies, for that is the strong "Republican" way.

The Republicans will have to put themselves in a hole just to get to be the "one" representing their Party. Let’s see, the candidate has to be against evolution, pro nuclear war, and pro Iraqi war involvement. That is scraping the barrel on some of the most negative issues in this country, and this is things candidates must believe to represent the Republican Party. No, it is not just Bush who is unpopular; it is their whole Party that is unpopular.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Will We Ever Connect The Dots?

From the run up to this war, to the continued waste of human life, we have not connected a logical series of dots that would explain and free us from this war.

We know the truth; I almost hate to say it because its been said so much. There were know WMDs, which were the primary reason given for going into this war. Well get this. Today, our president reflected on what he told Saddam Hussein he needed to do to prevent this war. Give up the WMDs and disarm. I recall Hussein's officials frantically denying any existence of WMDs or any plans to acquire them. Our president had the nerve to say it was Hussein's choice to go to war because he would not heed his warnings.

The saddest thing concerning Bush's reflection is he could not say there were no WMDs, and he was wrong. After 600,000 lives loss, this Mother f*cker is still talking as though he found the WMDs. Hell, look at the video just before this one. He is either drinking or in denial so deep he cannot face any reality associated with the massive loss of human life. He has to obtain some sense of glory or he has to face the fact he is the same murderer Hussein is.

Even more sadder then Bush's inability to accept the truth is the media's inability to report the most obvious portion of the speech he gave today. This man said Hussein's failure to heed his warnings and disarm resulted in him losing his life. No one reported this obvious inability to trace the most important factors concerning this war. This is a man who is the most powerful person in this world.

I employ everyone to look at the video concerning Bush's attempt to insert Al Qaeda in Iraq, just before this one. Tell me what would do you say about this reality?

Lastly, I apologize for this post being so scattered. When I see the kind of ugly-ness shown in this video, I get pissed off and emotionally driven.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

They Hope He Does Not Run

The Republicans are scared shitless of Al Gore. Behind Gore's current fame lies an formidable opponent for which the Republicans cannot match with their current slate of candidates.

Since Gore left the political arena, he has increased his speaking abilities two fold. Gore can move people with his motivational style of speaking better than anyone currently running for president. This is a fact not known by most Democrats. I personally feel Gore speaks better then Barack Obama and Clinton. That puts him up there with the best.

Gore would be the ideal candidate to address the abuses of the Oil companies. Who better to lead the fight against the Oil Companies and the cable news companies who have taken to the airways twice an hour telling their viewers to believe the Oil companies absurd reasoning for high prices. MSNBC should be boycotted for this kind of propaganda.

In all, Gore is the man for my money. I am very sure America will respond to his motivational style. Lets go Gore.


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

False Comparisons Make Way For Killing Field

There has been a up tic in claims Al Qaeda is behind much of the killing in Iraq. In most news coming out of Iraq about attacks on Americans and civilians, there has been an overuse of the word "suspected to be" and "sources say" Al Qaeda is behind the attacks on American solders. Because we stop going after the people who brought down the two towers, Bush has taken a lot of heat. This heat has brought about attempts to make the case Al Qaeda has taking over Iraq. The premise Al Qaeda is behind all and every attack coming out of Iraq is another way of asking permission to kill more Iraqis. Many Americans want to see Al Qaeda whipped off the face of the earth.

There are two important facts about this current attempt to strengthen the claim Al Qaeda is firmly embedded in Iraq:

1. The first is now the war in Iraq is now connected to 911. Yes, they are trying to make the case we cannot leave Iraq because Al Qaeda is there. How is that for making it so? If you cannot find Al Qaeda, bring Al Qaeda to Iraq.

2. The other reason is the only way they can really do something about the violence in Iraq is to address the direct true elements causing the war. Since the Bush administrations say there is no civil war, they have got to find a way to eliminate one side of the civil war. Thus, any over kill can be assumed to be Al Qaeda's demise. This amounts to creating a killing field.

The Bush administration cannot do this alone. They need someone to disburse this lie Al Qaeda is behind all the killing in Iraq. Enter the media: Fox news and the Fox wantabees. Look for a lot of "framing the issue" kind of news. CSPAN's Washington Journal will do it with a question: Should we leave Iraq if Al Qaeda is so entrenched in the Iraq?

The lies and misdirection concerning this war never seem to stop. Before believing anything coming out Iraq, it is almost a must to second guess its content.


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Monday, April 30, 2007

Who Will Connect The Dots Now?

This has got to be the 64 billion dollar question: Can we now, based on FACTS, bring all of our "dots" together to make a case for impeachment? If not please state why _________________.

This statement or question is for the media as well as the public. Some how, there is a "ghost block" preventing this country from acting in a rational manner.

This president is responsible for killing close to 1 million people, and yet we don't even want to say the word IMPEACHMENT. Our congress, senate, judges, Generals, and voting public have been educated from the best schools this world has to offer, and they cannot "connect these dots" that now stand out like an emergency signal. Some how we have put a regulator on the truth in this country. One big example of that is the FACT there was no WMDs, but there is still 29% of Americans who want to KILL anyway. What the hell is really going on? I say take a deep breath, and examine what you could never get away with as a citizen. This country needs to drop this notion that we have to "Win This Thing." WIN WHAT. The right to kill more innocent Iraqis, or shell I say "collateral damagees."

Yes, now there is talk about putting a "strong" man in Iraq to quiet the warring factions. After that is done, then they will place a democratic government in power. What they really mean is kill untold thousands more Iraqis to wipe out anyone not fighting for the Americans. After the killing is done, then, yes you guessed it, we continue to close our eyes as we have been doing.

It's coming to this rage in me, and I just don't want to take it anymore. We were once a proud nation in my life time. To see that image wiped out in 6 years have hurt me more then my personal life losses. This has got to stop.


Friday, April 27, 2007

What Car Bombs!

I have heard everything. Now, the Bush administration has stop counting car bombs. No wonder Bush has been claiming there has been a drop in violence since the surge.

There has been a surge in media propaganda. CNN's Michael Ware has toned down his bleak assessment of the Iraqi troop occupation to say, in affect, in spite of our solders being picked off in a military quagmire, we should still continue our occupation of Iraq. To see Ware and Kyra Phillips sitting in a chair side by side resembled two kids being chastised for saying bad things.

Ware contends "we broke it; we have got to fix it." This brings into question is there a inherent biases associated with interacting with military personal. With so much emotional realities about, the opportunity to bond is increased ten fold. People bond through emotions. 9/11 will contest to that. To have our troops, Iraqi troops and the Iraqi civilian population dying around you, the moment to bond is as common as air.

The other side of this is the wantabee like Fox dynamic being carried out by the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. These networks compete 24-7 for the conservative markets that spend big advertising dollars. Yes there is money behind this shit too.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Huckabee Line

I just watched Governor Huckabee increasing the fear ante by using a genocidal hypothetical should we withdraw our troops. This means the Republicans have already made any negative outcome associated with a US withdrawal from Iraq with be the fault of the Democrats. A prediction that will come true no matter when we leave.

Now, the Republicans feel they have the rational for not acting in the will of the American people. "It might come down to doing what is right, in spite of what the polls say. We cannot leave the Middle East to a ethnic cleansing or genocide," Huckabee said. That is fear with a capital "F." You don't get anymore phonier than that; I just hope the American people can see this overused tactic.

We need to tell the president and the Republicans to save the fear for a useful Halloween. For once we must ask the Republicans to say what they mean without fear. I am willing to bet they will change the subject quick; real quick.

At every opportunity, we must give our representatives who are doing what they were put into office to do our support. That support does not always have to come in the form of money. If you dispel a talking point, deliver inspiration, or volunteer you time, you will be doing your part to right the wrongs of the pass 6 to 12 years.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Is Responsible

How can we say we improved the Iraqi's standard of living? The US has made a mess out of Iraq. No hype. This is the real consequences of our actions: We have brought nothing but death, destruction and pure hell to the Iraqi civilian population.

What can we "win" from this situation? Have we even defined victory in Iraq? I hope Bush's intention are noble because, I will not support any attempt to steal Iraq's oil.

The sad thing is we have already did so much to ruin Iraqi lives. Many of the civilian will be messed up for their short time on this earth. I am not sure the average American really gives a dime for the suffering Iraqi.

We don't even acknowledge Iraqi loss in the same way we acknowledge our own. Since we have been in this war, the number of Iraqis killed on a daily bases far out number American solders. It is almost like we have dehumanized Iraqi life just enough so Americans back at home will not be outraged at the staggering losses brought on by OUR involvement in Iraq. Could that be why we called Iraqi civilian loss "collateral damage?"

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope the unnecessary killing and destruction stops soon before it reaches genocidal preportions -- if it has not already.


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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Developing Reality Perspective

Paul Rieckhoff exposes a disconnect between propaganda and the truth. While the White House is working hard to minimize realities, they could crate a situation that kills more Americans.

This whole thing is sad. Bush is incompetent and should not be running this war from "his" commander and chief position. I state this with a sense of urgency because I, like Harry Reid, don't want another drop of blood lost to this senseless and unnecessary war. The loss is too precious, and President Bush appears to be "winging" his position as the leader to the most powerful nation in the world.

If the Bush administration, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the press won't force the reality perspective, we as activist and voters must make it the dominant conversation in the Blogging world and any other medium we can use. I know I am serious enough to remove the denial that keeps us in this horrible war and put in its place a truth's perspective to what lead to this war, what motives we use to stay in this war, and what realities make it necessary to remove our troops from this no win scenario.

We must keep the logic flow simple. What we say and continue to see did and is happening. No more rational explanation based in a small avenue of doubt. When the truth is looking at you, call it what it is, not what someone else explains what it is. In short, this war must end.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Media's Senseless Agenda

The media is in need of a serious overhaul.

News has taken a
serious "hit" to the quality of their objective, reporting and
fairness. Since the Fox news success with conservative audiences, CNN
and MSNBC has actively positioned themselves to compete with the big
money Fox enjoys. This is a fact not an opinion.

The unfairness associated with media's move to the right has no equal
dynamic to counter the now flooded cheep format right-wing news
generates. Even CSPAN practices a right-wing format on their
Washington Journal. CSPAN is in so much denial about their move to the
right, and as a result, they tend to play a patronizing concept to

So, when you get the feeling the news host or
commentator is being unfair, he/she probably are. Actually, the
arrogance that accompanies the conservative formats is insulting to
one's intelligence. CSPAN's call in structure is set up to give the
impression the country is split down the middle on all conservative vs
liberal debate issues. They have one phone line for the right, one phone line for
the left, and one phone line for the independent. About 70% percent of their
guest are conservative. They often make a request for conservative
callers only without doing the same for the left at an equal rate.

When you hear the right claiming we live in a left-wing bias news monopoly,
it's not true. They call the right wing claim "playing the ref."

For the left, the fight to regain balance is not just in the executive
branch of government. It is the media routed strongly, so they have
their work "cut out" for them to even the political play field.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lies vr Reality

I hope the Bush administration and our military are not becoming victims of their own propaganda. Along the lines of believing their own lies, I hope they have not created a alternate reality that is too far from what is really going on in Iraq.

Maybe they were all out looking for cheep rugs. You have to believe a lot of energy has to spent to keep the lies about this war believable. This effort may be the very thing that is keeping our military from being affective.So, have we sent our solders to Iraq to become fresh meat for the insurgency to pick off ten at a time -- as opposed to one at a time?

Yes we may well be mind screwing ourselves for the sake of rugs and propaganda.I don't think this is funny at all. But when you look at the outrages statements and comments being made by the right-wing congressional and senatorial representatives visiting our troop, you have to make them aware of shit for brains comments and statements they bring back to the American people.

It is really becoming evident, we cannot ask our troops to hold out until the surge starts to "kick in." Every life is too precious to factor in the lost of human life for success in Iraq. This war must stop and, in it's place, a serious effort, grounded in the truth, must be put in its place.

Yes, we broke it and must own it, but I will be dam if we have to do stupid shit to fulfill a group of war mongers desire to "win this thing."If we want victory, it will have to take on peaceful attributes design to problem solve this terrible situation we have created.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Many Drum Beats Of Iraq

I have come to the conclusion we have not grasped the magnitude surrounding every contributing element fueling this war. With the understated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi protesting on the anniversary of this war, a clear message was sent to America to get out of Iraq.

Does the United States military have to suffer a slaughter to see was is so clearly on the horizon? I sure hope not, but sometimes if you see your strengths from another ankle you empower yourself or objectives.

With our so-called smart bombs, we have killed a many innocents. This fact alone is responsible for brother, sister, mother, father, uncle and the dog becoming insurgents. Multiply that dynamic by 4 years and you have insurgency from hell.

I don't know about you, but it takes more than the desire to "win this thing" for me to be patriotic about this war. I refuse to get behind this president for a "pick of the week" rational for killing so many. I am not sure if the supporters of this war even know what they want. They say we need to "win this thing" and in the next statement proclaim it's the Iraqi responsibility to defend their own country. So is "Winning this Thing" training the Iraqis to defend their land? If so, why do we need the show of so much force? Hell, we can train them and go home. What a sweet victory that will be.

I remember a unprecedented move to train our military in civilian crowd control tactics. This happen last year and it was controversial because it was considered a move that could give the executive branch too much power. I feared it was Bush's slow move to a dictatorship.

As it stands, 70% of the American people want this war over with. The other 30% want to "win this thing." I don't know about you, but it looks like we may be headed down the road I feared. Bush refuses to hear the will of the American people and is lining up to make moves on other countries like Iran and Syria.

When Will we say enough Mr Bush it's time to listen to the American voice to stop this war?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is It Now Over?

Don Imu's actions was a very difficult complex story to write on. In one way, I wanted to say give the guy a break, let him say he's sorry and go back to work.

While having that fleeting opinion, Don Imus blurted out "you people" on the Al Sharpton radio show. He then went on to say black rappers were,in part, the reason he made the statement.I then changed my opinion and sentiments to maybe he does bare some unpopular racial views. Often, people who have negative racial feelings toward a group or race, qualify their good actions as proof they don't have any racial problems: "Some of by best friends are black."

Still, as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton made this a national outrage, I could help but feel this was still not being addressed in a fair manor.

There has been shock jocks who offend minorities, handicaps, homosexuals and the elderly. Why has it taken Jackson and Sharpton, and the rest of the do gooders, so long to say this kind of speech is hurtful?

Can we say Bill O'Reilly, Russ Limbaugh, Mike Savage and the many others right-wing hate mongers, have not crossed the very line Imus in being fried for?

I truly hope what comes out of this a better standard to hold the shock jock to. After this, maybe it will be harder for someone to say the things that shock and offend others. Nobody given the power to reach the masses in the way Imus could should be allowed to spread hatred. Not just Don Imus and rappers.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Speed That Thrills

This the fastest production car in the world. Will you be placing an order?
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Slow Down The Fight; We Must Make It Right

The recently fired US attorneys story heard in a Congressional hearing yesterday could bring all the president's me down. It is hard for the White House to use the defense of reducing the issue to public debate.

In essence, the Bush administration is trying to strong arm our system of justice. They have a lot of media support for this dynamic. Today, CSPAN's Washington Journal tried to frame a dynamic that would give Bush unreasonable powers. Brian Lam posed the question: Is it okay for our Government to lie to us. I say this is a form of framing an issue, and like always, Washington Journal's style is subtle but always to the right of the political spectrum. CSPAN is one of many right-wing shows given the silent task of framing the conservative agenda.

The Democrats have many mandates. They must not reduce their efforts to respect the people's wishes by doing every mandate at the same time.

As it stands the Republicans appear to be geared up to fight against the people's will all the way to the next election and we must let them. When the 2008 election arrive, the voters will have a fresh perspective of who has been obstructive in the process to give the people what they want.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who Do We Support: Our Troops Or Bush?

Is there a difference between supporting the troops and supporting George Bush? To support the troops is to do whatever is in their best interest. This may not be what our president think is the best for our troops, especially when our president continues to connect the wrong dots to our current involvement and run up to the war.

If I never hear we must fight them over there so they do not come over here, it will be too soon. That does not make a bit of sense, yet this is now one of Bush’s primary reasons for fighting this war. Behind the noted rational to fight in Iraq is a silent statement: We must kill in the Middle East because those people don’t mean as much as Americans. Bush’s assertion silently says every Islamic terrorist in the World reside in Iraq, or at least the ones with a ticket to America. The terrorist in Afghanistan don’t have the money to come to America. How convenient is that?

We, the Democrats, must do the right thing that is based in past truths. Let the Republicans continue to support George Bush, with little true consideration for the well being of our troops. History will record, after the truth smacks Americans in the face, the Democrats attempted to deescalate this useless war. At least some could rest with the fact they tried to do right thing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who Is Doing Well?

I am not surprised to see the many complaints about our so-called trieving economy. Everyone with no money can't wait to say something is not being considered when they evaluate our economy.

I recall before the start of the 2004 presidential campaign there was serious concerns for the state of our economy. During this time, Bush started counter claims, not measures of substance, the economy was better than it was being reported. Today, we have an out grow of that claim, only now Bush has placed cronies in places associated with our economy to spin the one percent who are doing really well. A look at the Oil companies will be the only example needed to highlight that one percent. Today it was reported on CNN; Exxon Mobil was making $79,000 per minute in the year 2006. That is a lot of god dam money.

How long did Bush think he could get away with this one sided economy? As I see it, this strategy is working in the negative for him. Bush does not care at this point; he is on the way out, and I am sure he will be rewarded well for his contributions to the wealthy.

The media is so responsible for the delivery of this false Bush economic recovery. How many times have we had to endure hearing the six o’clock news tell us the market is doing well and so is our economy.

On the horizon, the Democratic victory in November has slowly turned the nature of what is reported to us in favor of some truths. We must tell the media we are tired of the one sided version of the news, and turn certain channels off until they change their ways. We have some leverage to hit the media where it hurt the most: Their pockets.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Standing For Change

If we are in a time of progression, and we don't back track, we can say goodbye to the right wing politics of old. No longer will we be tricked into voting for something dressed up to be something else, who can forget the scene the Republicans created when Jack Murtha voiced his concerns for the polices our troops had to endure in Iraq.

We need only look back on the 12 years of Republican rule, so we can learn from their mistakes. No one should be given a blank slate of power in our 3 tier system. No one.

So now that the "station" has been changed, what is the new program going to be? Will it be much of the same thing? Will there be only a change in players and style in which to play the same old special interest shit?

I know this about the incoming Democratic players: Most of them have a true and noble objective to help the masses. We will need to support the up coming efforts to change the status quo with pride and assurance we stand for something good.

The politicians will not be the only body tested in this changing of congressional and senatorial guard. The very people who put them into office must be willing to support, articulate, and stand firm on what has to be done.

We must face the truth to tell the truth, and when it comes time, flow with the very power truth generates toward change.

Once the truth is known, it must not be dressed up to fit the status quo, which is what Bush plans to do in a week from 1/4/07.

When Bush speaks to the Iraqi solution or what he thinks will save lives, the first thing to ask is why did we have to wait until January for the solution because anything imaginable devoted to saving lives should be in affect now. Politics of this sort rides on a tin line of withholding dynamics that would save lives.

The only thing left for this horrible time in our history is living in the hard fought process for Democratic solutions and change.


Reforming Everything

Now that America is in the sweeping mood, we should take a look at the press. Nowhere is there need to reform the false form of reporting the news as there is in the news media.

The people highlighted as Democratic examples of corruption have not been arrested for anything. You would think from the latest Washington Post article, especially in case of Rep. William Jefferson, there are indictments or people found guilty.

I have often wondered why Jefferson’s case has been just hanging out there for the Republicans and now the WP to take off the shelf to use in any way they see fit. It is time this stops. It is an assuming form of reporting.

If I never see another special commentator for the rest of my life, it will be too soon. There is nothing special about partisan opinions. I hope we don’t forget to begin the process to reform this aspect of our society