Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How The Surge Really Worked

Crooks and Liars » CBS violates its own Standards and Practice by altering transcript and video of McCain interview

Back in May of 2007, I made the claim there was no real Al Qaeda in Iraq. This claim was made as I observed the campaign of this administration make the case for staying in Iraq. At that time, Al Qaeda was doing everything. They were killing Americans, inserting suicide bombers, and holding whole towns captive. The glaring problem I had with this was there was no proof Al Qaeda did anything. Simultaneous to these claims was media restrictions that kept out any attempt to verify the claims Al Qaeda had as much influence as they did.

Enter good old conservative media, who not only advanced the Bush Party line, sensationalized the campaign to make Al Qaeda a standard player in Iraq. All of this well placed claims of Al Qaeda’s influence set the stage for the so called Surge. It is easy to win a war when there is no real opposition to begin with.

Now, ask yourself this question: Have you ever scene any footage of Al Qaeda soldiers, Al Qaeda occupation, or Al Qaeda dead soldiers? Since we just liberated the infiltrated Iraqi providences, there should be some of those patriotic stories of how “GI kick your ass Joe” wiped out a Al Qaeda strong hold. I have saw nothing, but I did see a meeting in which the story of how much money we paid to keep the sides from fighting was being told. How is that for a Surge?

If there were a competition for which was the most outrageous lie the Bush administration made, Al Qaeda in Iraq would win hands down for complexity alone. Coming in a close second would be the apparent victory associated with the Surge. There has been a whole lot of lying going on.


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