Saturday, December 03, 2005

What Is Really Going On?

What will have to happen just to establish a truthful unmanipulated political process? Currently, the Republicans are getting away with telling many outrages distortions and lies that end up confusing and misleading our political process. In the current Iraqi quagmire, there is no time for undressing or unwrapping political propaganda designed to favor military dynamics that could, and often tries, to reshape our governmental structure at its core. No oversight has created a "all is fair" atmosphere that has sent our honor to the dark ages to sit along side of the very Iraqi lawless government we claim to be helping to eliminate.
Now, nothing is off limits, for you can even bring into question our honor system for which we acknowledge those who put their lives on the line to uphold are nation's interest. Coulter and the shock jocks invite the worse aspects of our Democratic government just to profit and establish a strong kkk style faction in our government. Hate sells, and the Republicans are guilty of using this very factor to win elections, divide our nation, and created an atmosphere of un-trust for the very process we function by. These are telling times, and people like Coulter tell the wrong time.
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