Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley's Follies

With "the Democrats are the same defense" in full swing, it will be difficult to focus on the important legal questions concerning the sexual exploitation of our nation's innocence by the the biggest hypocrite ever to walk the halls of Congress.

Spin, the ugly signature of medias contribution to our political process, has surely gotten in the way of the pursuit for truth, and this Page incident will bare that out. Unless the Democrats have a factual contribution to the Foley incident, they should be left out of it. I don't need a history lessen, in the form of a score card, telling me we really need to focus on the Democrats because they have gotten away with more then Foley ever will.

Without the Foley incident, the Republican backed Incumbent revolt nearly succeeded in two more years of total Republican rule. Yet, somehow I feel the Democrats will still have to watch out for a generated issue from the right. I hope not.